I May S1:01 Or Hemingway black cat story

I watched the first 10 minutes of HBO date rape show and then went to walk my dog and then watched the final 5 minutes or so, then reviewed backwards minutes 26 thru 13 — the meat of the matter.
But my brain bounced to a story that I think I read at Dartmouth in the 1980s, maybe Peter Saccio was my prof, maybe it wasn’t a class on great American short stories but some sort of meta-class, rudiments of scholarship, like choose two of four of English 15, 16, 17 or 18 but not a seminar English 70 and only after you do English 5. There is something about a couple and they are in a fight or not actually in love and the man has to climb out a window to rescue a black cat. Get it? Not sure if I do or did, or will or I’m merely dreaming. (I think I had the same thing regarding the cat in the Coen film about folk music).

I heard Micaela Coel on public radio yesterday. From Ghana and London and now world wide. 

The writer was trained in drama as well, but does not star in this show. At first I thought the star was maybe a dude.

(I also happened to tape on TMC Turner Classic Movies Black Girl a Senagalese film from the 1960s in French. The star is now 71 years old. MT Diop. I watched the first 10 minutes of that. My tv is set such that I cannot read the subtitles of that film.

I have a bunch of stuff qued in my memory. I bunch of stew quoffed in my memory, as it were.

Apropos of “Raisin in the Sun” ithought I recall William Cook saying it was overrated and he called it “Raving in the Sun”. I can write to Professor Porter to see if he would confirm or deny that. Apropos of someone making a comment about how different ethnics groups preserve their looks or not. I cannot repeat the actual statement here. But I agree.

I bought a Bruce Iglauer book about The Blues but not a book about a Japanese baseball playe, Mash. I bought Toni Morrisson’s “last interview” but gifted it already. I have about 40 books I bought and have not read.

The movies in my cue include: “All the Kings Men”, “House of Wax” “House of Bamboo” “The Vikings” “the Seventh Cross” “My Darling Clementine’ “Fort Apache” “A Hard Day’s Night” “Mighty Joe Young” “Private files of Hoover” “M” “The Maltese Falcon” “You’ll Find Out” “Stranger on the Third Floor” “Rhapsody in blue” “Blues in the Night” “Pete Kelly’s Blues” “Lady sings the Blues”.

Coincidentally, PBS is showing a series of woman who are veterans claiming that they are date raped. Vanessa Guillen.

Blurring of reality and fiction.


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