Man Man ‘Cloud Nein’ VS Jukebox Ghost ‘Schizophrenia’ VS freeze frame of Wolf Blitzer Situation Room right this one minute before 3 on a Monday I recommend playing both videos simultaneously but only for the first minute…. b/w a parody of an old Elvis Costello song which summarizes sort of the plot of an old Wallace Stegner story, I’ll call “Thomas and Tenney” A man walks up cuz he sees them playing tennis And sits down with two much cooler duu-uuu-udes. They joke about another guy, Older and an Englishman They trap him into to playing a set but he gets a shoulder injury. You can fake what you want You can want what you have You can swing and a miss The young lady, a fish Yesterday’s old Wallace Stegner tennis story is tomorrow’s parody song But not by WS or KK Ok, get over it Don’t sneeze on me I won’t come to your pout is your “party” a boat, a dude Sailfish or Sailboat The Hammersmith Hotel but not the Hammerstein ballroom, yo. Bridge about Benny Siegal or Bernie Siegal going to college with the uncle of the chick from My First Earthquake and Chris Knipp getting kicked out of Dartmouth for having trouble acting normal when he’s nervous and Buck Henry wearing a beanie in 1961 the upside down year and Beanie Siegel — is he black or Jewish or both – -it’s never black or white — being better off with a N95 in this day and age How dirty is your dingus, Mr. Magee? Yesterday’s Wallace Stegner story — 1945 Rocky Mountain View “Cow College’ “Cow College’ “Cow College” Self referential rap riff by the promoter or blogger or interloper in chief: I was taught tennis at the old school the dick gould camp at the farm and we were taught — I was sent their by my Aunt Annica — very flat swings which is now obsolete with you large-headed folks and you don’t swivel your hips or “pivot” “pivot’ like the token jew on Friends — but we would never be caught dead or in bed going “ooh” “ooh” “ooh” — hey I wonder if Stevie Nicks played tennis, growing up here — with each hit. Yesterday’s 1945 Balance Yours Swing Mine mixed with Elvis Costello Trust as squeezed thru a spaghetti slicer by Save if for later, big guy. Don’t swing it, swat it. You can fake what you want You can want what you have You can swing and a miss The young lady, a fish (My mother is on fiche, Faulkner)

Don’t sneeze on me, please

edit to add, or adendum or sometimes i go “edita” or “and1”: Hal Wilner died and there is a guy in my neighborhood named Stan — I’ll leave it at Stan no last name because these people can be touchy and by these people I mean people who have been shot at — he said he went to high school with Hal, in Philly. Fair enough. But he also said “Beanie Sigel” although he pronounced it more like “Bernie Sea gull”. And I meant to look it up more directly, it’s been almost a week and even SNL had a big thing already, singing a Lou Reed chestnut. But although Beanie Sigel the rapper is from Philly, maybe I knew that, he is much younger than Stan or Hal. Maybe he meant that Beanie Sigel went to the same high school as Hal Wilner yet years later. I met Stan because I knew that Uri Caine’s brother lived nearby but had never met him. I literally stopped Stan on the street and said “Are you Uri Caine’s brother?” andand: Sigel, 40, whose real name is Dwight Grant, grew up on Sigel Street in South Philadelphia and was nicknamed “Beanie” by his grandmother. As a student at Delaplaine McDaniel Elementary School, he was a good storyteller, he told The Inquirer in 2012. “You would get 10 or 20 spelling words,” he said, “and you had to write each one in a sentence. But instead of just writing a sentence, I would write a story.” Come to think of it, I might have met Beanie Sigel, although he wasn’t wearing a beanie, so nut likely. When I was hanging in Philly I for whatever reason stopped this well-dressed black guy on the street, coming out of his house or apartment and said “Are you a priest or something, a preacher?” and he said “No, far from it”.

this is the man man jukebox ghost clicktrack not the tennis thing

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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