The world accordion Andre Thierry (at EPA Library)

8A9B9BF4-EA03-4404-856C-E922A61A86FFCDF4309C-F9EE-4133-AAFA-CD6D11F8C53A98314E4F-EBAB-4A78-9169-933EBDDEA09DD2034C6C-A500-43C6-B9DD-C0187D02EB53B7BC1A03-0507-45EB-ABBD-72979DF92EBEDA74CC30-CF7A-4CFF-A7FE-F6CCD6FB8FD71170020D-CBE2-4F07-BE99-657A3AFD8FE5C8BCD627-4640-4FDE-87B3-F65A1B64FD985298AD74-7318-4C5B-B708-DA46AA607EBBB34BF319-69E6-4D0E-AFFF-C8AA877311695DB53FBB-03EB-47A5-AF98-83FDFBE70CBF42453BD1-99D1-4A5D-98CF-8D1676B0832AF103C70A-9C8B-4642-892F-C8D6685BD8B13ED748CE-91F6-407A-9593-CBB400C03313EA07C6A0-4D7B-4830-9770-4FAB87CF2BFD Andre his people are from Louisiana but he is from Richmond, California in the East Bay near San Francisco.  He did say however that he basically grew up at the St. Francis church in East Palo Alto which were home for many concerts.

A regional favorite for many years he also got national recognition for being on an album by Corey Ledet that was nominated for best Roots regional record in 2014, the Grammy.

I introduced myself to Andre and said that if he is not gigging on Friday, March 20 he would be invited to hang with CJ Chenier at the Mitchell Park Center, Earthwise productions.  He said more likely he would have his own show.  He did mention Clifton Chenier the father of CJ Chenier in his very concise but thorough history of his art form and genre.  It of course reminded me of the films of Les Blank from which I first became interested in New Orleans culture.  I also sampled some red beans and rice from a local cook at the local event, part of a series this month on African-American culture.

I had driven past the library numerous times unawares— the building shares the police station; it is near the McDonald’s which I also never go to.

On my way over I swang  by Saint Francis but was actually looking for the Rich May rugby field.

Andre’s sidemen was named Randall Jackson same as the former Journey bass player and American idol, dog.

I recorded the first 30 minutes of his presentation including the intro by the mayor of EPA  who had never heard of zydeco and botched the name. Thierry  said he prefers to think of himself as performing “soul”.

Backed with (bw)

MJ Acosta an NFL sports host and former Miami Dolphins cheerleader from the Dominican Republic and New York and Barry University

I’m losing the thread of music but here is also a dancer from Jackson State band and a woman named Rosa Acosta plus a lady who spend 4 hours painting her face for the hockey game.

Sports fans might want to know who is Andre Thierry favorite baseball player my guess is Derek Jeter Maybe he can jam some day with Bernie Williams



ok well the Les Blank website refers to “Zydeco” the film by Nick Spitzer.

I also recall buying a calendar of photos of New Orleans in about 1988 maybe from le video of San Francisco Or I guess I might’ve stumbled into down home music

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