Christgau on ‘Hamilton’ VS Jere Daniell, Dartmouth history professor, summer, 1984 on ‘The American Rev

1. Christgau went to Dartmouth;
2. Jere Daniell taught at Dartmouth, many, many years, maybe back to Christgau days, early 1960s;
3. Daniell’s class was on American History, the Revolution; I took this Sophomore Summer, which for me was
1984. I probably got a B more likely than an A; I remember thinking that some of these kids had ancestor who fought in that war; on both sides. I remember that Danell said that the Revolution was perhaps an over-reaction.
4. A writer in today’s Times — Jay Ruttenberg — lauds Obama’s year end lists and correctly points out that for many people, artists and listeners and concert promoters with tiny management practices alike – the year end lists are more relevent than the Grammies;
5. Went online to read Times and quickly flipped to Christgau, while TMW slaves away in the kitchen; I’m using the term ironically and somewhow referencing the racist history of this country; It’s Christmas for Christga’s sake, and she really does work better when I’m out of harm’s way.
6. I’ve only been reading Christgau for 20 years, so I missed some stuff.
7. In about 1998 there was an event in Hanover, NH for the 200th anniversary of the student press at Dartmouth. Budd Schulberg was there; I remember Paul Gigot hitting on my then girlfriend; i remember sitting with Ed Burns, Jack Steinberg, Wilgoren of the Post who was a freshman; at a certain point I grabbed an opened a year book Aegis from a whole wall of such in lobby of Hanover Inn– easily a 100 to choose from, opened a page at random and there was Robert Christgau. I said to Steinberg — a reporter for the Times who wrote a book about college admissions — “did you know that Christgau went to Dartmouth?” I think he said “who’s Christgau”.
8. The guy who sat next to me at the Bob Dylan concert who was a friend of Dr. Lorry Frankel, a former UCLA lineman, said he and Jere Daniell had the same mentor.
9. I wrote some story about Dartmouth per se and used Jere Daniell as a source and he used an expression I had never heard “livespots” he meant that the people on one side of the issue were older.
10. Christgau said to buy the LP of the musical, becuause it has lyrics including who is saying what. He said that it is okay to love Hamilton even if you are over 12 yo, yo.
11. Somehow my mind flashes back to Rebecca Naomi Jones, “Oklahoma” the musical revival, that Rebecca I thought I read recorded the demo to Hamilton — I always say I think Passing Strange influenced Hamilton — and the Tulsa Race Riots which were new to me until a week ago, and in fact supressed from history books until about 2000.
12. How many of Christgau’s top 100 of 2015 reference race and is that important?

13. Jere Daniell is an 86. Christgau like I said is class of ’61 or so. Daniell is class of ’58

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