Kind of trippin’ on the Sudan Archives thing coming to duNord in February

Montage: Heath Burian on reality tv; Mark Weiss, Tim Bluhm circa 1998; Weiss, Walter Palmer; HSB fan w Wookie shirt; fellow traveler from LA with masters in social work on her birthday at San Jose Rock N Roll Half Marathon tho I did the 10k; Stanford freshman who can dunk; evil queen by Christine Shields, detail; artist and her work, Incline Gallery, Mission; pulled pork by Big Nate at new Chase vender, “YB” from Hayward; Gunn tennis player v Lynbrook; bass rented for the music of Tom Harrell show — I have no photos of Tom tho indelible images in my mind’s eye from helping he and Angela in and out of Mills and two hotels — he made a recovery for his Orange Country show and has a blurb for his Dizzy’s Den show in The New Yorker; Weiss w poet/painter Tamsin Smith under a Twist / Barry McGee private SF collector home; Palo Alto and USC’s Remi Wolfe who will make her Fillmore debut;  outlet, study for a Matt The Electrician H-1 poster; Valerie Troutt at SF General gig; East Palo Alto Gunn pro soccer goalie Larry Jackson; detail of a Hopi motif by Dextra Qotskuyva; bootlegged still from a movie I’m forgetting what or why; Georgie Gleim the jeweler; Ugonna Okegwo — he should sit in with OKGO, that reminds me I was just riffing on Mulgrew Miller who I met in France new posthumous duo record with NHOP; W w Steve Swan bassmonger, basswrangler, bass boss; Guyanese beauty queen; Eric Moffat, Weiss; detail, wrestling poster, Omni lobby near Hatch workshop Nashville during IEBA; Fee Waybill, Nashville 2019 showcase for industry buyers — I suggested to his agent Steve of TKO that he sit in with LSJUMB; Eric and Steve Cohen and their former pediatrician, Palo Alto Art Center, Earthwise Tom Harrell tribute 55 years 7 months after they first met; Dr Hartzell; Weiss in Nashville with 2 Memphis’s, Joy Truly Brown Of The Orpheum and Artist Chris Underwood Of PRVLG; I joked to family via text that I’m chubbier than Checker; Instagram post content by clerk who helped fit me with a Predators Jersey, J—-, studying criminal justice and law; Nancy Wright of Fizztone who I stumbled into at Bay Boat Club near Chase Center Halloween; Nashville airport with Joe West, on his way with wife Rebecca for screening in St Louis of film about his parents; musician, perhaps someone I saw singing on Colbert— the internet and Google send me down rabbit holes and hutches from which I sometimes surface in a state of confusion — Albuquerque, Mentawai, Tanzania???; Valerie Troutt, from her press kit; Sudan Archives; ibid; ibid;



black violin

izwhat aka Napoleon Maddox

icky shuffle

cesar Geronimo

big red machine

zoe keating

steve Lopez LA Times column about mental illness cellist book movie

Someone told me about a private function coming up at The Mitch with a ragtag piano player and it reminded me there was a genius grant winner from Chicago no one heard of after he took his 300 K$.

Bonfire madigan on kill rock stars

carla kihlstedt

thoth aka Kaufman I think

marika Hughes

adam theis hip hop orchestra at yB simultaneous to Windy Chien at SFMOMA

is Ali Hedrick Islam?

macy gray

pizzicato cello lady from Dartmouth

cello joe

remi Wolf supporting Cautious Clay at eromllifeht

prvlg I think out of it stuck in Memphis with underwood twins sat next to at ieba chew and chat then set to joy truly brown of the Orpheus

stew’s James Baldwin piece

mac — the Dartmouth/ Berkelee cellist

ian Brennan


Amelia  earhart  school near Bennett and 92nd in the southside of Chicago that is a magnet school for young black writers

I didn’t I just list 40 African nations in ascending order?

Also there’s a Kenyan women in an all black rock band I met on the train and want to book just for their cool look

Corey Harris and Boubacar traore and Martin Scorsese in west Africa


edit to add, the next day:


Natu — performing Friday at Cal Performances with an Africa Showcase, I learned of via East Bay Express and maybe Andy Gilbert:

from Guinea

Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 8.56.58 AM.png


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