Alan Eagle VS Andre Iguodala

Alan Eagle, in action: I played pickup with him at Hoover School and at Alumni Gym

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Mr. D:
I am going to a music conference and will miss the 10/29 class.
When is Alan Eagle speaking?

Alan was my neighbor growing up, was the editor of the Gunn High of Palo Alto student newspaper two years before I was, and was a senior at Dartmouth when I was a freshman – -and he tipped the odds in Hanover’s favor by plying me with burgers and beers at Alpha Chi during my perspective student visit.

If he hasn’t already said all this, let me tip his hand: (beyond just writing about Bill Campbell):

He was the voice of Dartmouth football on the radio WDCR for two or three seasons (and during Kemp to Shula days – a hey day);
He frequently especially in his student days wrote letters to the editor to SI (in its heyday): one was about how McCovey’s swing was like the earthquake — predating 1990 but same concept; one was how the Swimsuit issue was like “a letter from home” to a Cali boy in frozen Northeast for college.
I think he wrote a children’s book on early days of football.
I am not sure but his son may be partly named for Will Clark — I don’t see much of him in recent years and do not know his son but that rings true –I think his dog at least in that era or before starting a human family was “Witchell” for Will Clark and Kevin Mitchell.

Andre, like Eagle, has a book out, a memoir though. He is Nigerian; the Nigerians are Super Eagles. His birthday is the same as mine, Mark Weiss.

One thing also that is not sports per se but a shibboleth: his childhood name was “Mac” or “Mack” — origin unknown. But I think its prophetic that a guy who wrote about a pivotal marketing guy from Apple was called “Mac” — I wonder if he ever brought this up to “Coach”.

Not to steal his thunder — and I shared this in part with Michael Krasny — another of my Stanford Extension teachers this year — when Mac and Jon were on the radio with KQED Forum – and by the way, if you excuse the digression, Jon Rosenberg turned out to be a pretty fair pickup basketball player although in high school he was only 5’6 inches and not on the team — Ken Fuchs, son of a presidential advisor in Econ and later the producer and shot caller for The Bachelor reality tv — was; also, come to think of it, our towel guy a year later — when we won league 2 years running with a high school Street and Smith top 100 player Kent Lockhart — Andy “Spud” Arrow was son of a Nobel Laureate — Gunn was a tough school — to get noticed for your wit!! — but I met Bill Campbell the first month he arrived in Cupertino from Rochester in 1983 because he bought a car from my father’s car lot — a new Maroon Chevy Celebrity — the ultimate middle manager’s car. I corresponded with him slightly the 2 years or so I briefly marketed Silicon Valley before bugging out for music biz.

Anyhow, if i don’t make it back at all I think the first class was nearly worth the $400 alone — tho I would trade two Johnny Lemasters for one Bill Schlough.

also: way off topic but topical and timely: I heard from Chris Strausser another Gunn guy from our era – his brother Randy was a classmate of Eagle and Rosenberg — about John Ralston, who got Chris his first job, and now he has 31 seasons coaching, currently with the Indi Colts offensive line. Topical maybe because Ralston coached the famous “Orange Crush” super bowl Broncos — and at the same time, Bill Davidow, another Dartmouth guy in high tech, was a marketing guru (tho they didn’t call it that) for Intel and he, according to his book or memoir, used the term “Orange Crush” to insprire his team on their marketing goals, which they hit.

I literally have a shaggy dog, named Duffy. We don’t know why Susan Thomas widow of Stanford Biology Professor John Thomas called him Duffy — Duffy’s predecessor was “Mr Wiggins” named for Ira L. Wiggins — but on a hunch I have named my fantasy football team The Duffy Daughertys — pronounced with a hard “g”.

Mark Weiss
yes, someone trained me to write like this!!!!!!! !!! !

i write fast and when I fast I write loopily, like Rip Sewell meets Tom Robbins — and apparently “eephus” is from the Hebrew word Aleph Pe Samekh — “nothing” — as compared to Alpha Phi Chi and the aforementioned Alpha Chi Alpha which went local to admit Jews

On Wednesday, October 2, 2019, 10:22:00 AM PDT, Andy Dolich wrote:

For your reading pleasure from a classmate.

I figured you might enojy this article that sports Illustrated ran back in March. My Operations team at Apple has a small sports division that does curation and notifications for our Sports feature in the TV App.

These books may give you insight into the world of sports and technology:
20 Secrets to Success for NCAA Student-Atheltes Who Won’t Go Pro- Dolich, Hirshman, Burton,O’Reilly and Lawrence
Careers in Sports – Michelle Wells, Andy Kreutzer, & Jim Kahler
Veeck as in Wreck, 30 Tons a Day and The Hustler’s Handbook – Bill Veeck
Sport Marketing – Mullin, Hardy & Sutton
The Dream Job: Sports Publicity, Promotion & Marketing – Mel Helitzer
The Business of Sports – Rosner & Shropshire
Ice to the Eskimos – Jim Spoelstra
Meaning of Sports – Michael Mandelbaum
Forty Million Dollar Slaves – William Rhoden
Moneyball – Michael Lewis
Ethics in Sport – Morton
Sports Business in the Global Marketplace – Westerbeek
Five Dysfunctions of a Group-Patrick Lencioni
Humility- Pat Williams
This is Your Brain on Sports- Wertheim & Sommers
Trillion Dollar Coach- Schmidt, Rosenberg & Eagle
Big Game-Mark Leibovich
Players- Matthew Futterman
The Making of the Super Bowl- Weiss & Day
AI Super-Powers, China, Silicon Valley-Kai-Fu-Lee

Andy Dolich
Dolich Consulting — does not employ an M Dorsett. Although I did recently honk at the former Pittsburgh Panther HOFer Henry Ford as he was tending his garden

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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