Tom Waits Man Man Dave Douglas Sex Mob

Or, An Incomplete Communion:

I spent about 20 minutes listening to four or five cds, from my collection, between 1999 and 2006 or so — and this is 2019, almost 2020.
With 20-20 hindsight and more discipline I would know this stuff better already.

For Sex Mob, featuring Steven Bernstein slide trumpet,small combo, with Tony Scherr bass and reeds by BK, I went for a Nirvana cover, then into Ripple and out. Oddly, my 6-cd changer, which is still pretty new to me — I was sitting in my car, with my dog, outside a cafe, before a meeting — fooled me into listening to parts of 6 Sun Ra tracks — was the Sex Mob live at Tonic?
Then in to Tom Waits — there’s a deep track with just Tom on piano and vocals and a bass line by Marcus Shelby. But the first track was about Chicago by home town. And the liner notes told me that Keith Richards of all people on a track, plus Charlie Musselwhite. There is a trumpet with Chris Grady on a couple tracks, if that relates back to Don Cherry, Steven Bernstein and Dave Douglas.
Man Man I thought that Honus Honus Ryan Kattner played some horn, but I could be confused. I saw them at Kybher Pass club in Philly in 2005 and thought of it as “psycho taiko”. But more obviously the voice is sometimes like Waits, although there is usually harmony or blended voices, or often. Also, I think I read that Honus Honus also was in an indie film, that might have played in Marin, Mill Valley Film festival. Whereas Tom Waits I first saw in Jim Jarmusch Down by Law. Lke, at The Castro in 1990, when I lived in Sf and worked at Green Apple. To the extent that Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones played on the Tom Waits session, I think they might have had expectations for it. Not sure what Tom Waits business model is or was. Terry TMW and I drove thru Olema and Sea Ranch and someone in the know suggested how we could spot Wait’s studio thereabouts but we did not- please believe me — stalk him or stake him out. Also, I looked for Ralph Carney’s name on the cd but don’t remember seeing it. I wonder who replaced him. I think I saw a cite of a reeds player but I didn’t remember knowing the name. Chris Grady plays with Beth Custer and maybe I have met him at her house. From Sacramento, I think.
For Man Man I played the first track in part and then something about “Einstein On The Beach’ in name only I think which was, like my attention span or intention span, 60 seconds.

It seems that Tom Waits is also on the Dave Dougas cd “Witness” on the track Mahfouz I think an Egyptian writer, but the track was like 13 minutes so I didn’t listen long enough to notice it, beyond what is written in the notes.

I thought I had grabbed a Don Cherry live cd or compilation but there was no disc in the case — but I put a special bonus DVD maybe about the label not the act which would not play in the 6-cd player. I was hoping to go for one minute of “complete communion” which for me would be Incomplete Communion. Oddly, or not, there was a Sun Ra live cd in the changer and I kept advancing the Sex Mob cd (Ripple, About a Girl, Elvis medley) until I realized that this was not Sex Mob, but revealed to be Sun Ra.

This has happened to me a couple times, that I was confused about what was left in the changer or which track I was listening to, which disc. Most notably, I heard Mark Kozelek’s voice on a Donny McCaslin CD, a track called “the Promoter” and was very confused — I had seen both acts recently and was multi-discing Mark/Sun Kil and even red House. And Sun Kil Moon at Kuumbwa played “a song I wrote with Donny McCaslin” whereas Donny and Jason and Tim and the singer guitar guy played almost everything but “The Promoter” in their set under Bing.
interluded: Amazon says there are 101 Tom Waits albums available and that 65 peoples have reviewed this one “Bad As Me” which is also now remastered:
and I am saying hereabouts that in the background as I peck is a doc on pbs or something I saved a few months ago that looks good with Mick Jagger talking about James Brown…

I also sometimes call this blog “Quotidian in Quadlibet” which means fairly ordinary (I almost wrote “orderly”) things but four at a time so weirdly juxtaposed or faded or creeped together. See also: the one about the topiary gardener, the lion tamer, the MIT robotics guy and the mole rat king.

I probably should not say this but Dave Douglas told me once that they offered him the chance to guest on a Dave Matthews album, when both were on Bertelsman, but he wasn’t feeling it. Whereas Karl Denson of Greyboy Allstars and The Cubberley Sessions seemed to take to being a Rolling Stones sideman (along and slightly higher or a different key than) Tim Ries. When Witness came out I had this weird idea of doing it free outdoors at El Camino Park — where the Dead did a be-in — and sponsored by both The Hoover Institute and Peninsula Peace and Justice. I even sought out their management — Dave’s — in Alphabet City, at Sooya, although she was Michaela from Germany.

Drifting along and aloft: that was Paul George of Peninsual Peace and Justice in the recent PBS documentary about Woodstock. I should ask him about it. I also need to folo with former radical Lenny Siegel of Mountain View about putting a marker where Santana met Gregg Rolie. Jerry Hill is on that meeting to. I have a photo of them that day or morning in a coffee house on Middlefield.

Meanwhile, back to not Tom Waits-Sex Mob-Dave Douglas-Man Man but John Santos-Molly Tuttle-Sun Kil Moon-Scott Amendola-Trevor Dunn-Philip Greenlief-Tom Harrell– let me know if there is a secret thread connecting any two or three or four of those. I noted that Molly is using two electric guitars and a drum kit in her bluegrass band, whatever that means. Also, two of the biggest acts in the biz, both selling hundreds of thousands of units this very week, Tool and Taylor Swift I am noting: Taylor used a stunt rider from this area on a video about the future and Tool with hand drums likely tablas to me is an omen for my John Santos show.

Hey, man, nice shot. A perfect circuit. James Brown cape stolen from Georgeous George.

Honus Honus

So this is Honus Honusof Man Man wearing a Bog Marley shirt with a title Bob Dylan lasdrop


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