Palo Alto Rock a A to Z: Y

This is actually Candice at the farmer’s market behind the post office, which is jazz but it’s very near where Hershel worked as a janitor at the church behind The Varsity when he was 19 and did nothing but push a broom four hours, sleep four hours and practice or busk 16 hours per day, he told me

Y is actually where this started. Y is for Yatovitz, Hershel Yatovitz, Paly High class of 1982, learned guitar here in his public elementary school, has played as Chris Isaak’s sideman on guitar for 20 years but was also partnered with Paul Durham on the Geffen recording artist indie rock 1990s band Black Lab (formerly Durham) that played Shoreline and The Cub (as both Durham and Black Lab –although the second time H was gone and Michael Beltzer, another Palo Alto gunslinger was in).
So to recap:
X – straight edge, or Ian MacKaye a DC punk guru, but attended Terman;
Y – Yatovitz, guitar great and my friend since Beth Am havurah 1974;
Z – Zot’s, actually in Portola Valley, where I met Paul De Barros;

U is next Stay tUned.
T is probably for Tah, Tommy Jordan, of Geggy Tah, whoever he is.

edit to add, later that day:
Haven’t thought much about u. I’m back to “P” for Pablo Cruise, in that it seems to presage Geggy Tah a little, some of the chords or what not. Also, the term “yacht music” someone used reminds me of having seen Mustache Men band at the SF Rock and Roll Half Marathon which I completed successfully in April — they were at the finish line — I guess more truthfully the event could be the San Francisco Yacht Music Half Marathon and yeah, dudes, throw down for actual Pablo Cruise not a Pablo Cruise influenced cover band — that I posted a Foreigner song here somewhere, or excerpt from. Not to confuse you – but I did see an early Foreigner show at Day On the Green, plus I went with Nancy Roan, Tim Harris and Hillary Sharp on January 28, 1982 to see Foreigner at Cow Palace. I’m tempted, back to real life and meanwhile, to pay $73 per ticket to see the actual Pablo Cruise more or less with Cory Lerios at Montalvo Carriage House ie 2nd stage or 300 cap. Coming up in October I think. I also recall Gil Draper saying one or more of them worked in his store.

The lady Linda Hubbard Gulker who runs InMenlo website wrote back to state that she and her hubby overlapped with Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham at Menlo Atherton High, back in the day. I saw a FM tribute band at a city sponsered event at 250 Hamilton Plaza a couple years back ironically. R is for Rolie of course.
P is for Pablo Cruise
R is for Rolie
Y is for Yatovitz
X is for Ian Mackaye of “X” straightedge movement
Z is for Zot’s and Paul de Barros sax rocker.

This is morbid, but I just got via Palo Alto Weekly blast — which incidentaly is marketing my Mitchell Park EventBrite onsales — with Jane Monheit and Bob Margolin — jazz and blues not rockers — about a video the police made and posted in 2015 about a shooting of a young woman named Maria Hsaio in 2000 in fornt of what is now Pampas on Alma between Hamilton and Uni at a Club Called Cue or Q. So that might be my “Q” and cue I guess, but yes also queue. The club kind of sucked, but I did on general purposes speak at a public noise hearing on their behalf. Cake played there and maybe Charlie Hunter, of course well after their Palo Alto and Cubberley bows. Maybe the club had a couple names. And its next to a gallery that I put on a handful of shows, jazz and folk, including 2 Jerry Garcia tributes, one with Papa Mali aka Malcolm Welbourne which may have been on Jerry’s b-day — and he learned or broke out “Friend of The Devil” on that account — and the other was a nooner panel and my client Jack Walrath was in town and he played a solo trumpet version of “Touch of Gray” and the Q Cafe was near the warehouse that a man named Bernstein once brought shows to way back when. (And wrote a book and spoke to PAHA about, Andrew Bernstein.) Bernstein also toured with or tour managed or was a roadie for Willie Nelson and Brownie McGhee.

Speaking of Willie Nelson, he is on the cover of The Rolling Stone May, 2019 The Weed Issue but a Palo Altan or former Palo Alto Arts Commmissoner Vikki Toback is interviewed about an art exhibit in LA of photos she supervised for a hip hop label in the 1990s. For instance the famous Biggie Smalls photo with the crown and the scowl — cf RBG book cover and movie — which begat in some ways Dessa Doomtree “Bull in the China Shop” hit — there is an outtake with a big Earvin Johnson smile. Go figger. Go bigger. RIP.

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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