Owing to my work on my Allison Miller show, I don’t have time to post to compare Jocelyn Lee photos in New Yorker of robust women and Joyce Yu-Jean Lee, thrice-removed Palo Altan conceptual artist at Marist

And gratuitous mention of 9 minute rap with Elizabeth Wong of 429 University who I might stump for next Monday at Council to ask if she is being treated fairly, certainly not as fair as the white ladies in Jocelyn Lee’s photos.

Also, and this is way off topic, even for Plastic Alto, but I was thinking about Nick Traina of Link 80 in reference to the article in the Chron about the movie about the dad writing a memoir of his son on Meth. Got me a back and forth briefly with Mike Park. So in summary, 3 of my 6 namechecks here are Asian! If that’s a theme or meme.

Joyce is a friend of a friend — which is what I mean by thrice-removed Palo Altan –her sister married a close friend and classmate — and her work is certainly more serious than the treatment here would let you know. Here is a quote from a 2016 article on her internet pop up concept thing in Chinatown NYC: “Chinese censorship doesn’t just exist on the Internet, it happens in real time, in person-to-person relationships, and it extends onto American soil,” she said. “It is my worst nightmare to bring this upon a person in real life. But at the same time, it was window into how censorship manifests itself through coercion on a professional and personal level. It exemplified what the project is about and gave it a whole different life.”


Coincidentally —or NOT?!- The New York Times editorial today is on point with art statement / research in 2016 by Joyce Yu Jean Lee

Well, the link is that Jocelyn’s pic has a lady with red hair while Joyce’s has a cafe with a red door. (And I also just flashed to my famous intervention in a Nellie McKay interview to put her on cell with Ian MacKaye and Nellie quipped that I was “mucking” it or “making” it up…many Lee’s…many Macs…yadda yadda yadda which is Yiddish for whatever is handy.


This by Jocelyn Lee in New Yorker, recently


Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 12.58.28 PM

This by Joyce in 2016 and there is a video with people if you need people (luckiest people in the world, I think)

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