Glimpse of Justin Brown burglar mural as seen during Human Relations Commission meeting


Kralik, Xue, Brown, Stinger Thursday September 13, 2018 7:15 p.m. The artist and creator of this Greg Brown, Justin’s father, died fall, 2014.

This might seem incongruous but here is an article on NPR site about First Amendment ramifications of the comedy career of Lenny Bruce, who died in 1966, and a cite for a book on such:
Stand-up comics can say pretty much anything these days — no matter how obscene or offensive their material — thanks in no small part to Lenny Bruce. In the late 1950s and early ’60s, the iconoclastic comedian often found himself in trouble with the law for saying whatever was on his mind. A new book details Bruce’s legal battles and the free-speech legacy he left behind.

“There really are very, very few topics or very, very few ways of speaking about those topics that comedians are not allowed to do today in the private comedy club, and that’s thanks to Lenny,” says David M. Skover, co-author of The Trials of Lenny Bruce, The Fall and Rise of an American Icon. NPR’s Juan Williams interviews Skover and co-author Ronald Collins on Morning Edition.

Bruce faced prosecutors in San Francisco, Los Angels, Chicago and New York. Skover says that while Bruce’s cases never went to the Supreme Court, the comedian played a key role in the free-speech movement. “His obscenity story changed the First Amendment environment… in a very practical way.” After Bruce’s death of a morphine overdose in 1966, “the very idea of prosecuting a comedian for off-color language ended,” Skover says. “Thus, it’s really Lenny’s legacy that he opened up the comedy club as the greatest free speech zone in America.”

Bruce was a tireless defender of free speech and the First Amendment, Collins says. Bruce also was also an amateur lawyer who tried to defend himself in court and paid heavily for defying authority.

Skover says Bruce dared to “speak the unspeakable” about race, religion, sexuality and politics. “He was lampooning the establishment by revealing hypocrisies at every turn and, as Lenny’s bit proved, he considered hypocrisy to be the greatest of sins. He never held back in what he said or how he said it. And that’s really why he was prosecuted.”

Commissioner Gabe Kralik (pictured above, sort of) is an attorney who seems to have a history of interest in, and experience defending free speech. (Not that it implies an appreciation of Lenny Bruce, but I’d be curious to ask).

Better crop of above:

I came here to talk about a pet project, a comedy show that furthers potentially the HRC “strategic focus” of “ethnicity and inclusive engagement” and “fostering community conversation” and is funny and entertaining and popular. I think the World Music Day (Fete de la Musique) initiated by former HRC chair Claude Ezran, during his term, in 2009 but ongoing, is precedent. (And I’m curious about the Peace Picnic sponsored by a Muslim group, that was discussed or mentioned Monday at Council and I riffed on).

The commissoners are Valerie Stinger (chair), Steven D. Lee, Quifeng Xue, Jill O’Nan, Gabriel Kralik, Kaloma Smith and Deepali Brahmbhatt. Four of the six are attorneys. Minka Vander Zwaag and Mary Constantino work on this for We The People (staff).

The mural at 300 Hamilton, high up on the bank building, visible from 250 Hamilton conference room, depicts Justin Brown and his sister while the original, from the 1970s depicted Greg and his wife Julie. The original is featured on the cover of Matt Bowling’s book on local history. (And Greg spoke in 2012 at a presentation of such at PAHA).

and and butt not anand: Not sure what to make of the scene. Read articles about timwise privileged and then skimmed New Yorker about Donald glover. I said half the fUBU episode. I don’t rmember if I saw Donald Glover on gilrs. Although I think i did post this previous i’m bakc to beez. don’t know what it ease:

hours later, very late, in fact:
Rupa Marya about two years ago at Peninsula Jewish Center sparse crowd showcase for Bike Powered Concerts by Paul Freedman — and 23 mile self-powered transport of gear from Mission to Peninsula — because he said concerts are better than guilt trips —


She also just played in San Jose yesterday for Climate conference — also self-powered by Freedman’s bikes. Cello Joe used such at Palo Alto Street Muisc fest — and I give it a whirl for a song or two

Maybe the justin brown thing — ironcially — is part of a prometheus riff.

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