Bring Ben Back w Ron Jones Cubberley H-1


Palo Alto Verde student publication and website has amazingly complete coverage of the Ron Jones incident from 1967, which I will edit to add here.

I sent them 2 comments. Their advisor is Paul Kandell not The Woj, unless she is She Who Controls Everything, in the Haggard but not Merl sense.

I am reacting to a recent if not futuristic New York Times article in a special Education section or book about Ben Fritsch or something at a Quaker school or something who was teaching math and geometry and demonstrating with his arm a 45 degree angle then supposedly thought of Mel Brooks parody of “Springtime for Hitler” i.e. The Producers and said jokingly “heil H——” and got suspended, but it also has a picture of a group of mostly jewish students with a sign that says suspending a unionist and jew for political correctness is itself anti-semitic.

I met Ron Jones briefly in Sf a few years back. Hans Delannoy my former coach was at Cubberley at the time and played basketball for Jones and pointed out that H-1 which I pass by all the time was Jones’ classroom.

Also, coinkydinky my cousin Craig Ruda a graphic designer in La la said he did some work either on the film itself or on the packaging for a recent telling of the whole farrago. I sometimes think we should rent h-! and do an installation about the Jones wave thing and all its retellings.

Times is “A Teacher Told a Joke” et cetera.

Here’s a joke: H-1 is a classroom at Cubberley that was supposedly white supremacist whereas H-1B is a fiat by which Indian CEOs came come take their Jobs. Or give their Jobs’s to us (that’s 2 jokes, or too tents) (3)

this is a music blog so my outro is “I Started a Joke” especially if I find the modern indie Low version:
super sick video

and and but not Anand but pretty f-ing close to Anand: my quip to the Verde, verde up as it weird, is that when the After School ABC special in 1981 of the Wave thing aired my first thought, as editor of the Oracle at Gunn High was to find contemporaneous coverage of the Cubberley incident; by the time I got there, a freshman named Toph Whitmore was leafing thru it. Toph who later became editor in chief himself and last I heard was a Microsoft honcho up in Seattle. I loves me a weird urban myth truth stranger than fission.

andandand: it’s also possible that the “Bring Back Ben” crew are being sarcastic. I credit Frank Portman (“King Dork”) for alerting me, 20 years too late, that teens might have various types of sarc.

try the fish: there’s a guy running for Council this year — and I was and pulled papers and qualified then withdrew, for personal reasons — who is such a mystery that I wondered if he is actually just a journalist trying to get a story. There was also an imposter who ran Cross Country for Paly when he was already out of college. I remember discussing it with Sarah Anderson Paly ’84 and Dartmouth ’88 now i think dean of students at University High in SF it would be interesting to get her take on all 3 cases. And I hear that Paly beat SI in football last week I wonder if i knew anybody on the SI side, i mean the alumni.

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