Big Red Machine ‘off the reservation’ is cat nip for blogger who riffs on Jacoby Ellsbury, feel me?

Edit to add, nearly two years later plus now Black Lives Matter: White guy Aaron Dessner of The National and white guy Justin from Bon Iver are Big Red Machine and have songs about “off the reservation” and “teepee’ (Green, previously “Lyla”). But this is now on my mind because Taylor Swift “Cadigan” — so far no hidden Tribal shoutouts — has 30 million plays in five days.

I heard about this from both NPR and now NYT. And I was just explaining today to Yankee fan about taking my mother for a blood test in Santa Fe and the clerk or a Red Sox laminate for lanyard or necklace or wampum because of Jacoby Ellsbury. It also calls to mind tomahawk bye Mike Patton I think. And yeah I’m still helping to produce a band called the pueblo girls with Jodi Naranjo

I almost posted a picture which is double red herring double curveball Dennis monkey with the Braves ironically I almost posted a picture which is double red herring double curveball Dennis monkey with the Braves ironically
Also I seem to be going to the Matt with my roof about Daniel Burrows and Ron Stallworth I could be wrong.


This guy hit 30-30 homers steals in 2011 and apparently is called “Chief” but I’ll have to edita his ethnicity.

There also a track green that has a “teepee”. Is it possible they are referencing neither baseball nor indigenous?
See also Mac MacCaughan jazz imprint that doesn’t necessarily reference radical labor. Or black people — maybe just one guy — tearing down my Cake/ The Negro Problem/ New EZ Devils posters circa 1995– coinky art credit Mac MacCaughan.
Big Red Machine will always be Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, Joe Morgan Tony Perez but yeah Cincy is right wing. Iz what?!

And while listening to NPR I was confusing Bon Iver with Bonnie Prince Billy and his acting debut in John Sayles Matewan, Sayles who told me personally I think at Black Oak Books that his boyhood favorite player was Dick Groat more than Bob Clemente. Groat the former Duke hipster. Hoopster.

Not to be confused with Big Heart Machine nor Fifth Third Burger.

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