Fake news about Trombone Shorty

Or, ‘WYSIATI’ is the new ‘Where Y’at?’


Emergency-preparedness-workers and volunteers are prepping for “the big one”, the confluence of the Trombone Shorty show at Mountain Winery (12 miles from San Andreas Fault) and the solar eclipse. Trombone Shorty will rock so hard that people fear it will trigger an earthquake, or a major earthquake. “Rock” in the original sense of “rock and roll” but not in the more modern genre sense differentiating “rock” from “soul” or “funk”.


I set a timer for one hour to give myself room to post about Trombone Shorty, then decided to go with a “fake news” angle, then added the stuff about the earthquake and the solar eclipse. I don’t think the concert coincides with the eclipse, but its close enough for “Plastic Alto”. And now I am giving myself license to be even shoddier by imagining a “fake news” motifs or subset of posts. “Plastic Castle” might be the name of the series. The phrase “giving myself license” nearly morphed into “mice elf” here.

Trombone Shorty is a considerable talent. He is actually Troy Andrews and he doubles on trombone and trumpet, plus vocals. The name “trombone shorty” is almost fake news in itself or what was previously called a misnomer in that he is over six feet tall; he was short when he started; he started as a street musician in New Orleans when his trombone was bigger than he was. “Shorty” also can mean “cutie” in street talk.*

I met Troy at a jazz hit (gig) in about 2004 or so, back when I was an expert on New Orleans music; he gave me his card; maybe I imagined being his manager; more likely I just said I could find him something if he tours out to the Bay Area.

Today I met a fairly important local person — not a Palo Altan but a Peninsula denizen — who said she caught wind of something about Trombone Shorty — maybe on Spotify and then clicked thru to purchase tickets for she and her husband since the show was so eminent. They weren’t worried about the domino effect of the eclipse and the earthquake since they are emergency preparedness types themselves.

She had the misconception that it was a co-bill Trombone Shorty AND Electric Avenue but I explained that Electric Avenue is his band and not an unusual collaboration. (I could be wrong here — again, fake news — in that I know Trombone Shorty bills himself as the leader of a band, but I don’t recall the exact name. Electric Avenue is a Eddy Grant song from the 1980s or so and is pretty close to Troy’s band’s name — it works in this context).

I recall seeing what was probably Trombone Shorty’s first tour, a couple years back, at The Independent Nightclub on Dividero in SF — maybe it was a co-bill with Rupa and the April Fishes (which is fake news in that shirley she knows that the plural of Fish is Fish; like Hootie and the Blowfish is fake news in that Darius Rucker is or was not “Hootie” and the blowfish is not really a plural — there was a guy in there dorm named “the Blowfish” — too many darned digressions even for something playing up the fake angle).

Trombone Shorty is getting considerable support from commercial radio. That could be fake news in that there is no such thing as commercial radio. Everything is now streaming on the internet, and terrestrial radio technology is now just white noise or barely organized into meaning.

The prominent civilian (meaning: not a music industry professional like myself) said that it reminded her of Earth Wind and Fire. I said she had remarkable taste in music.

If people searching for information about the Trombone Shorty concert find their way to this post I hope they keep searching and find an article by Andrew Gilbert or Jim Harrington that previews the show properly. I almost wrote “proper-like”.

A couple months back I sorted thru a couple thousand business cards I had collected and downsized or feng shui-ed the bulk of them, but likely kept Troy Andrews’ card. I did another more recent — very recent — of downsizing or feng shui and maybe tossed that. Similarly, I recently donated most of my cd library, including some that had inscriptions. If its a sin to part with such a personal thing as an autographed cd insert, at least it marked a bond we shared for ten or twenty years.

I filed this post under: “jazz” “nola” “sex” and “where yat” — I don’t recall why I had categories for both “nola” and “where yat”.  A phantom suggested “this blue marble” but I caught the error.  I tagged “trombone shorty” “troy andrews” “new orleans” and “mountain winery”.

Re-writing the lead and expanding on genre reminds me that when I met the jazz writer Royal Stokes he signed the book “keep on swingin'” Rocking is swinging compared to the alternative of not registering rhythm or melody or sensation at all. Who was it that told the joke or story about Al Jolson following Enrique Caruso?

I hope Troy Andrews performer known as Trombone Shorty has a great tour and I hope recent-new acquaintance enjoys the show.

The nature of blogging and the internet is that you the reader can revisit this page numerous times to see how long it takes the writer to fix all the glaring errors and falsities.

In the old days I would embed a link to youtube of Trombone Shorty performance. (Yikes, 2010 is “the old days”).

*gratuitous digression and name-dropping as addendum or footnote: in the pantheon of performers who got their nicknames quite young there is MC Hammer who was called “little hammer” because as a kid he resembled baseballer Hank “the Hammer” Aaron and  Young MC whose lyrics said “they call me ‘Young MC’ because I was young when I started.” Like Mickey Rooney in “Midsummer’s Night Dream” which also had James Cagney making an ass of himself. Come to think of it, and this is where I get off, a prominent New Orleans musician did once call me a jack-ass. I should really strike thru — like Aaron Judge or Joc Pedersen those last four lines. Stet. Yet I stet.

Real headline from 17 hours ago: “Aaron Judge hits epic homer, sets dubious strikeout recond in Yankees win”. The fake news is that he plays Trombone Shorty music before each at bat. What you see is all there is WYSIATI. “WYSIATI” is the new “where y’at?”

edit to add, 1: ok, she is correct if she meant that the concert is a co-bill with St. Paul and the Broken Bones, (out of Birmingham, AL and Nashville) or that she knew that Orleans Avenue was (Troy’s) band and not the co-bill.

edit to add, 2: This is fake-news-within-fake news but now I gotta go listen to Stephen Colbert excerpt to see if it was former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci who was telling the story about Al Jolson “you ain’t heard nothing yet” and Caruso. This account seems to have some opera reference to it. Like Mark Twain “Huck..Finn” and the badly remembered Shakespeare references.

add, 3: I re-entered the Plastic Alto/Castle/Planet orbit to add a graphic of Troy but then thought to add another baseball reference by axing set — “who is great new orleans baseballer?” and my gray matter squeezed out “will clark” before I could set fingers to type to search injun and then did fact check that but also gray matter counters or still counts in that it or I know that his quasi-nickname beyond the obvious “thrill” which is also a NOLA-reference via Fats Domino — “I found my thrill on blueberry hill” he was also “Noosh-face” or “noosh” perhaps for his middle or family name “Neuschler” and I did catch a New Orleans minor league baseball game once or twice during my days there. No one calls “New Orleans” “the old Noosh” in that no one calls SF “Free score” or maybe it has been done. “the old noosh” is a funny contradiction in terms or what’s the formal word for that, like black light, oxymoron. Or as the 3 Stooges might say “oxy-maroon.”


There is no truth to the rumor that opening for Trombone Shorty August 27 in San Diego at the CalCoast Credit Union Open Air Theatre will be the Full Faith and Credit Big Band from Palo Alto

5. Bonnie Berkowitz of the FAKE NEWS Washington Post just called to remind me to work something into the act about the time Mark Twain used a total eclipse as a plot point in his Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court shpiel.

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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  1. Terry says:

    I miss your blogging glad you’re back🐼

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