Hey, Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand?

zuccini, from CSA website

zuccini, from CSA website

Joe Simitian, leader of the free world, 650 and 408 especially

Joe Simitian, leader of the free world, 650 and 408 especially

(cut and paste paragraph about Joe Simitian at today’s Los Altos Farmer’s Market, 5-7 p.m. and Saturday in Palo Alto, a.mish — I will check it out if bad grippa is indeed in check)

(cut and paste to Jimi Hendrix song I reference)

Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian announced Wednesday that he will hold “sidewalk office hours” at farmers markets in Palo Alto and Los Altos on Thursday, May 7, and Saturday, May 9. Community members are invited to stop by and ask questions or voice concerns about local issues. No appointment is required.

“I look forward to talking to people one-on-one,” Simitian said in a statement. “Sidewalk office hours give both the public and me a chance to interact in an informal, friendly atmosphere. It’s tremendously helpful to hear first-hand what folks have on their minds.”

Sidewalk office hours will take place on Thursday at the Los Altos farmers market on State Street in downtown Los Altos from 5 to 6:30 p.m. and on Saturday at the downtown Palo Alto’s farmers market behind the post office at Hamilton Avenue and Gilman Street from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

edita: if am really back to old self I would ask Joe to pose with zucchini. It will be hard to make it non-phallic and also non-gun. I wrote previously critical of a photo of a staff person holding a water nozzle in a gunslinger pose, that appeared the same day as the news of a double-homicide here.

and1: at 2:15 on Thursday, May 7, or immediately after I came home (or, to Terry’s) after writing this, the phone (or, Terry’s) rang and it was Joe Simitian inviting me (or, Terry) to the Palo Alto Farmer’s market Saturday. Robo-call. 36 seconds. I played along: “Hi, Joe!”…”See you there!”..”Thanks for the call!”

andand, the next day: I posted to PAW site after watching the press conference. When Breena of the Post asked about eminent domain, Simitian said “I haven’t given that a moment’s thought at this point”.

When these guys say they are “mission-based” I am concerned that there primary directive is to avoid paying taxes on their financial machinations. It looks like they buy up these properties mainly to float the bonds. Scanning their documents, it looks like they have at least $170 M of these babies out there. It looks like a pyramid scheme.

I thought the plan was to help the current residents become owners, and that the Friends group had found a backer?

If the public sector, leadership and staff, is merely finding an owner, why not someone we already know and sort of trust, like Palo Alto Housing Corp?

Web Link

I’m wondering if eminent domain is not a better path. Maybe its the only moral choice, in terms of our values and principles that were expressed in the protective language, the covenant, the Comp Plan and the use permit.

Mr. Simitian probably knows better, but this looks like a compromise and maybe a sellout, or bait-and-switch.

I raised a similar set of concerns at a public hearing about the conversion of Stevenson House from a non-profit and self-managed to some complicated shell-game of for-profit and non-profit managers. Valuing the least among us as a moral choice and finding a way to budget that to my mind is different than more recent trends of savvy financial entities, like John Stewart Company (in the case of Stevenson House) and Caritas’s (sic) in this case who help others only for the tax writeoff.

Let’s go see Joe tomorrow Saturday at the Farmers Market and pinch his tomatoes a bit on this one!!!

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