Dan Adler for Congress catnip for anti-semites

Let’s get this straight: I am a small time operative in the music biz, as Earthwise Productions of Palo Alto, since 1994 and I am about 300 miles from LA, 35 miles from SF even, and about $500 from New York, where I have not been since about 2008. I also ran for City Council, three times, got about 9,000 votes all time, am up for a commission again (fifth time) but feel to a small extent I was “jew-baited” meaning I felt the local press described me in such a way that Anti-semites and White Supremcists and what used to be known as John Birchers would not just not vote for me, but maybe discuss how to work against me. To the extent I put even an hour or two, during my 100-day campaign — it’s a short season — I felt I was somewhere between thorough and paranoid, I admit. (And Chief of Police Dennis Burns, who met with me on this topic, said I was fine).

Meanwhile there is, down south, of here, but still West Coast, Best Coast, Dan Adler, a very successful guy from my field, about my age. I don’t know him. I don’t think I’d heard of him, an hour ago. But I know his wife slightly, Jenna Adler, a Creative Artists Agency mainstay, who did sell me some small acts for the Cubberley Series. For instance: Ozomatli. She also called me once and asked if I would put on a free show with John Mayer at Stanford, for $500, and I declined. I met her once, in her office (designed, I think, my I.M. Pei), and met her then-assistant Renat. Her Rolodex probably has 50 times more names than mine so it would be understandable if I tried to ring her and she did not recall me at first. I got to this meanwhile because I just wrote about Third Eye Blind, and they are booked by CAA. But I am re-routing thru a discussion of Dan Adler and this video as part and parcel.

Let’s just add for sake of argument I spent $1,000 on my recent campaign, got 2,000 votes spent less than 50 cents per vote. I will edit to add, but let’s just assume Mr. Adler spent $1m for his campaign, got thousands plural of votes, lost in the Democratic primary however, but spent, not to get too far off topic, upwards of $3 per vote. But I would say he in his arena versus me here, people sometimes argue that I am not really a politician or significant one, even here. Fair enough. We shall see.

But I am pretty shocked in reviewing this two minute video, from three years. Yes, I recognize Jenna Adler; I had never seen Dan, or her two teen boys for that matter. I thought the video cute. I presume the strategy is to make Dan look like a regular guy and not an elite. He loves his wife and kids, he plays basketball in the driveway. (And it does flash thru my head, How are his moves? How are my moves? Am I, at 51 more or less of a driveway with kids baller than Mr. Adler at 52 –it’s only natural; I’ve made thousands of such shots on driveways such as these, against varieties of defenses, or not. I relate).

But of the 20 or so comments, the majority are incredibly insulting and attacking. And almost all of those on racist, white supremacist and Anti-semitic grounds. The video has been seen 3,000 (10,661) times so maybe the headline should me that 10, 648 people resisted attacking the man on these hateful ad hominem grounds, as 18 people did. A subgroup of those haters (in the traditional sense, not Taylor Swiftian, and not Swiftian per se) also attacked Jenna and the boys for being Asians.

Anyways, I wish this family well. Mazel. I hope Dan Adler stays in the game, politically.

I also saw in the Times, circa 2000 something about Hollywood cultivating contacts in Silicon Valley, Dan Adler traveling here with Matt Damon, and wonder how that game has changed in the ensuing 15 years. My argument is that the proliferation of computing technology does not actually do all it is hyped as doing, that it shifts wealth upwards as much as creates it and that at least coincident in the spread of computers and handhelds or mobile is this 1 percent versus 99 percent and that destabilizes Democracy. I may be wrong. The term oligarch gets batted around, about Russian, about Central Valley water and here. (I opposed the plan for 27 University, also known as Arrillaga Towers on “anti-oligarchical grounds”, in 2012; although as i finally read the Comp Plan, 1998-2010 I note that its been in the cards for a while to do something near there, between train and shopping center, between Palo Alto and Stanford, that park, I digress).

edit to add: I may have to re-tool this with a different metaphor: catnip connotes not just attraction but pacification. To the haters, he is more like crack or amphetamines, he riles them up. I wonder how the LA Times covered him, or did it note this phenomenon. I may be overplaying this. That I was looking at the thing because of Jenna, is an odd entry into the story.

A better LA story right now might be the discussion of police force and the shooting of an unarmed street person, known as “Africa”. My previous “Plastic Alto” LA-LA post was about wanting to get down there perhaps to catch Jamie Cullum at The Hollywood Bowl and Terry and I are still buzzing at a wonderful time downtown, at Ace Hotel, which is very near this shooting.

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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