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Continued from below, milk tales, witness and Weiss

I have about 15 other items in my bike bag that I meant to tag to the bottom of the previous post “Jello Biafra w. Laura Grace of Against Me: or, Witness by Dave Douglas”. And as Cafe Zoe was … Continue reading

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Laura Jane Grace w. Jello Biafra: or, Witness

or r u with this? 1. the first part Laura Jane Grace formerly of Against Me! influential punk band of Warp Tour variety is playing tonight at Slim’s. Steve and Eric Cohen were threatening to go to City last night … Continue reading

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Weiss fugue

part two edit to add or the next day: although part of this exercise was too so quickly post, and from my mobile device, I did cut from their site this crop, including, if logic holds, Lisa Weiss the violin:

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James Lipton at Robin Williams Memorial, as seen from lobby of “Old Hats” intermission, September, 2014, exclusive for Plastic Alto

My dad and I went to see “Old Hats” the Bill Irwin David Shiner clown vehicle, which deserves it’s own post, but instead I am doing a quickie about shooting James Lipton walking past me going to the Saint Francis … Continue reading

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Lefsetz say Luke song of year

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We say war

My nephew Ben the scientist and musician gave me War on Drugs “Lost in the Dream” for Xmas. The card referenced “the eighties”. The original war of drugs was a Reagan-era effort to social engineer but backfired and enabled the … Continue reading

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Osie Johnson w. A.C. Johnston

Osie Johnson was a jazz drummer. A.C. Johnston, aka Alan Cope Johnston or, and he said I could call him Ace Johnson, is managing partner of MoFo and got 6,000 votes (to my 2,150) in the race for City Council. … Continue reading

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Sunbaked Honey baked wait

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Dartmouth legends Swede Oberlander and Ray Truncellito

Ray Truncellito from Manchester, New Hampshire, a Dartmouth legend for playing and coaching football, returned my call and we yakked like good ol’ boys for about an hour until my stupid smart phone, which does not have the granite of … Continue reading

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Giants trophy at Lytton Plaza or nearby San Mateo

The San Francisco Giants baseball team, World Champions, are touring the area with their famous trophy. In 2011, I saw the trophy at Lytton Plaza, but did not wait in line for a real photo, just some shots from afar, … Continue reading

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