Dave Douglas says there is no “Witness at 10” in fact he has retired most of his early bands and projects


December 31, 2014 last post of the year, and provisionally posted until Dave says it is okay to print that none of this info was private for my eyes only. Dave knows me (kinda sort, from a distance, over 15 years, not for a few, he knows numerous others, he may know other Mark Weisses) as promoter, manager, media guy and fan but he may not want his personal correspondence aired in the blogosphere, even something as backroads as Plastic Alto, which is no Do The Math. He did ignore my query about an overlap between Ken Vandermark and Dave Douglas, Ken a sax player and promoter who won a MacFound Genius Grant, based in Chi-town to Dave’s trumpet, New York or New Jersey base but his label and maybe management in Chicago. And this query on the heels of suggesting a Douglas-Frisell joint, or predicting one, got in his subconscious. I am an interloper, I admit. Poor man’s Hal Wilner, or deranged man’s.

Dave Douglas
Taylor Ho Bynum Donald P. McCaslin
Thanks for the response, and all the info, the lowdown.

Sorry to write about you in such a weird context (Jello Biafra, Laura Jane Grace).

I will try to listen harder to the Mahfouz piece and write more plainly.

Between Dave Douglas per se, Greenleaf, and FONT, wow that is a virtual and metaphorical Himalayas of work!!!

May I reprint this in my blog (the one with 500,000 words and no readers)?

Good on Donny, I’ve caught him a few times, since I’ve seen you.

I did a wee bit of work with Taylor Ho Bynum his bike tour, cool guy!!!

Best for you in 2015.

Mark Weiss
in Palo Alto

I cannot remember the exact timing but Stanford had a good talent buyer Jen Bilfield for a while, now she’s in DC.

Plastic Alto blog name references Ornette Coleman and his Grafton (acrylic = plastic), but it also covers local politics. Some are saying it’s too caustic a name. And its an obscure reference to jazz; it started when we Palo Alto traded the rights for Stanford to develop some of the open space they own and we govern and they gave us a giant astro-turf soccer field in exchange, and I was fantasying about getting a permit to produce a concert there, and then I thought, but never acted on “Can we get Ornette?”

Some day all my thoughts will end in music and not just thought, or not just 3 percent of them…(I’ve produced about 200 concerts, so maybe 2 percent of my ideas culminate in sound)…

I am cc’ing THB and DmC here…

From: Dave Douglas (i’ll leave this address since it is obvious)
To: Mark B Weiss
Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2014 9:17 AM
Subject: Re: witness at 13

Hi Mark!
Buy as many copies of Witness as you like! It will likely be out of print soon. That’s out of my hands!

You’ll be excited to know that there is a new electric band project on the way, called High Risk. Working on it right now, going to be really cool.

Last time I did Witness was at my 40th birthday (how time flies). After that (in 2003) I retired most of the bands that started in the 90s: Tiny Bell Trio, Parallel Worlds, Charms, Sextet, Quartet, Sanctuary, Moving Portrait, Witness, El Trilogy, like that.

Then I began the mountain that is Greenleaf Music–not only my own projects, but supporting the work of others. That’s also right about the time that Festival of New Trumpet Music incorporated as a nonprofit charity (please help if you can! http://www.fontmusic.org), in order to present, commission, and support emerging trumpet music of all styles and communities. This is how I choose to serve my community now.

I have been doing the first quintet (The Infinite, Strange Liberation, Meaning and Mystery), and now this new quintet from Time Travel and Be Still. Brass Ecstasy, Keystone, Mountain Passages, Riverside, Soundprints with Joe Lovano, duos with Uri Caine, special projects, more. Fantastic to have an umbrella under which to do all these things, though perhaps not with the fanfare I had at a major label. Tant pis!

Glad you are listening! Thanks.


On Dec 28, 2014, at 1:24 PM, Mark B Weiss wrote:

> Hi, Dave.
> I bought a used copy of Witness, my second copy. Not to be a hog but just because I could not resist the bargain.
> Was there a show or series, “Witness at 10”?
> What are your thoughts not this, 10 or 13 years later?
> Could I publish to my blog “Plastic Alto” your short response? I cannot pay you since my blog has 500,000 words but no revenue stream.
> I fear that Ethan Iverson “do the math” has more readers. I don’t fear that, i am tipping my hat to that.
> Or, did you already publish some thoughts on “witness”.
> I hope you recall my enthusiasm for wanting it presented at Stanford.
> I think we as a civilization get a D- but not an “F” for how little we have progressed towards peace in this period despite your heroic efforts.
> Be well in 2015.
> Protect them lips!
> Mark Weiss
> Earthwise of Palo Alto
> former KZSU radio host without portfolio — although I did ultimately produce about 12 segments, mostly on jewish themes
> concert promoter, artist manager, now blogger, I also have a comedy monologue about Jim Harbaugh, and a under-actualized and cheap easy tribute to Ginsburg, “Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads Howl”
> 650.305.XXXX
> I presume you get the “plastic alto” reference without missing a beat?
> (link to my post)
> (the amended title is actually “Laura Jane Grace w. Jello Biafra: or, Witness” and digresses in a internet kind of way, to you)

AND 1 AND 0:
Today at 3:55 PM
Dave Douglas
Eric Cohen Steve
Dave Douglas-
Not to freak you out or overstay my welcome, with you, this year, the infinitesimal remains of the day, 3:51 and sunny in Palo Alto, but Infinite, did I mention, or do you read my blog well enough to know that I am doing some deep, deep research into the infinite?

My friend Paul J. Cohen won the Fields Prize in math, equivalent to the Nobel Prize, for his work on something called the continuum hypothesis, something about the nature of infinity, the types of infinity, lo, the infinite types of infinity, a problem that had been identified but not thoroughly cracked for more than 100 years prior, out over which people literally had cracked and in that same year fathered a pair of twins, Steve and Eric.

I am saying that 50 plus years after “the continuum hypothesis” you may be the guy, or you Uri (no dummy he) and.. wait for it Mr. Genius could be just the cats to really make that bitch sing!!!!

I’m just s a y i n g!
Mark Weiss
cc: Steve Cohen
Eric Cohen

dude there are 1’s and 0’s but an infinite space in between, just like…wait for it… jazz. rim shot interobang. happy happy

Dave Douglas Quintet 2003 – The Infinite


Dave Douglas Quintet 2003 – The Infinite
View on http://www.youtube.com
Preview by Yahoo

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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