Hooray for boobies

new Paly dean Adam Paulson

new Paly dean Adam Paulson

Patch sent me a blast that said Paly has a new dean, Adam Paulson, from San Carlos district and a b.a. from Colorado, masters from Pepperdine, announced by Max McGee (I call him “Bill”), who I had a nice little mini-pow-wow with last week.

I posted to Patch, first time in a while, I logged in via Disqus, whose code was stored on this little trusty Mac Pro (I call it, “Max”, hence the confusion and my pet name for our Doctor McGee — his freshman roommates called him “Bill” also, before that fateful fall day, who could forget it?) and said:

Hooray for Boobies
and provided a helpful link


I am just curious whether they will let it go,
going with the flow

or will they try to
its flow.
steamed, as it were
wah hoo wah
or tabo(o)

reminds me of dao
before I knew her
fictional or real
did you make this up or is it real
my cousin at wellesley
susan riddle
we lined up
before we had lines of our own

hooray hooray indeed

welcome max and adam

thank god lobos is lobos

hurray for lobos!!!
i’d tap that

terry calls from the next room to say that in some places they not only say or not say hooray for boobies but worse than the amazons or Isis the Goddess

I cannot say.

but you can peek for your self on the inter

in boobious battle

maya said something about butterball; been a long time

edit to add: Patch did not approve my comment; they deleted it. Then I posted a link to this. Oh, well. So ti goes. Meanwhile I wanted to quote from Dao Strom’s famous story “Chickens” because Terry and I were discussing tabo bathing style, from Philipines, but Terry got very mad and so I am moving on, blogwise. In Dao’s story, which won her a student prize and was put by Larry McMurtry next to Wallace Stegner in “Still Wild” best Western writing, a family of immigrants took baths using water poured from plastic jugs. Which reminds me — now Terry says I am acting like a white person — that when I spoke to SFPUC about 2019 coming up, “Two Hundred Fifty Years of Potable Water” maybe we could solicit a compilation of stories about water. I should ring her. Sorry, Dao, I missed your birthday again, around April Fool’s Day.

But I digress

outro: bloodhound gang “bad touch”

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