Living in reverse, August 29 thru 21

Mia Levin D'bruzzi Simmans caught up and did a selfie at farmer's market which reminds of our sweaty Terman slow dance of 1975, speaking of the looking glass, media age

Mia Levin D’bruzzi Simmans caught up and did a selfie at farmer’s market which reminds of our sweaty Terman slow dance of 1975, speaking of the looking glass, media age

I met Winnie Lewis while standing outside Peet’s on Uni, because power had gone out, and walked with her to Peet’s near Whole Foods — she manages that building. Today, Breena of the Post takes up Lewis’ case about Downtown Business Assessment, page 11. I jumped out of bed at 6:54 deciding to relive the last 8 days in reverse — part Heidi Julavits, part Britt Daniels, but also Lewis Carroll — with help of my Moto G. (check back to see if I update with actual photos, not just a log).

20 things, in reverse, I’ve shot in last 8 days
and I started to write this from Beet Cafe, in the AOL building, near Page Mill, where Constantin from Ukraine fronted me $2 for a glass of orange juice.

20. Sal Gaeta at Jardin Santana Row San Jose selfie

19. new bathing suit, from Sam of Palo Alto Sport and Toy

18. Sarah Cameron Sunde, pow wow on the arts, at Coupa

Nice pow wow with Sarah Cameron Sunde, a lot different than watching her from 50 meters in the bay the previous week

Nice pow wow with Sarah Cameron Sunde, a lot different than watching her from 50 meters in the bay the previous week

17. Raheem Nelson, “Lupita Nyong’o” at Pacific Art League

16. watching your phone series, in SF and at Coupa

15. visit to SF City Hall and SFPUC hearing: I spoke about the history of potable water, 1769 to 2019, 250 years, thanks to Greg Bayol, Peter Drekmeier, Melissa Novotny, Art Torres and Portola

14. wedding crasher at City Hall

13. Sam Weinert musician and barista, at Four Barrels, The Mission District

12. random Mission Street mural and possible alternative logo for UC Santa Cruz teams

11. pilgrimage to Diego Rivera Murals II, at City College San Francisco

10. tennis lessons, Oak Creek Palo Alto

9. power outage

8. street fair packing up, posing with Ning-Ann

7. campaign event, Ralph and Jackie Wheeler Eichler South Palo Alto

6. kids at play, Roble Park

5. Tom Dubois event, Roble Park

4. Ramos Park, near Robles Park: who doesn’t confuse these guys?

3. puppies seeking good homes

2. Robin Young and friend, bicycling for a good cause

1. greyhound placement worker and friend, Pleasanton

0. Tim Harris, Cubberley-Paly 1982, busking to Frank Turner, Pleasanton

(-1). Don Yarkin still photo, circa 1975, thanks to Hans Delannoy and Cubberley Catamount

(-2). Farewell, Hans Delannoy, my old coach

(-3). Debby Mytels, at Seale Park

(-4). Bellarmine lunch grotto: my first visit to the campus since 1973 when all the kids on Russell Lane were sent to their summer sports camp; I recall the baloney sandwiches served down there; all the other buildings are post-1973.

(-5). San Jose Museum of Art: the Willie Mays catch parallels the “sun” sculpture

(-6). Palo Alto downtown as seen from 101 Alma

(-7). storage locker diving for my vintage Matt Gonzalez silkscreen poster by Hardy

(-8). I loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night, tattoo on PS Storage clerk’s arm

(-9). San Francisco Mime Troupe, “Ripple Effect” at Mitchell Park, Aug. 21

(-10). Karen Runk of SFMT, Mitchell Park, August 21, 2014

(-11). tour of Epiphany Hotel conference room

(-12). Sam Smidt and helper, Emerson Street, August, 2014

(-11). Lee Lippert of ARB and Randy Popp, Gunn 1983 who I’ve sort of known since 5th grade, 4th for him, from Fremont Hills and Natoma Loop

(-12). Donna Grider, city clerk

(-13). Peter Kirkeby, my Gunn classmate, got a parking ticket while waiting for the public hearing on 400 Page Mill, his family’s Smith-Andersen gallery abuts

outro with Spoon “Written in reverse” from 2010 although sends me back to their show at the Cub in 1998

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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