I’m trying to post Olivia Tremor Control live at Cubberley from April, 1999

Somebody captured and then delivered to me a cdr of Olivia Tremor Control at Cubberley Community Center (auditorium), from April 24, 1999. All told, I have about 40 hours of music from the 150 or so shows I produced there, back in the day.

The taper dude snagged a set list and reproduced it as album art and a type of crude set list. His cdr has 19 tracks and I am trying to reconcile them with the list (sometimes bands change their minds mid set about what they want to play).

Here is how it appears:

Can you come down…

New Day




Spring Succeeds

Sleepy Company


Umbrella>Sunshine (although they write it with a bracket in front of the two title)


California Demise


Not feeling human


holiday surprise 2, 3


frosted / green / princess


grass canons>hill top

There is an archive site that has an Olivia Tremor Control show at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, North Carolina from later than summer, with most of the same songs, but in a different order, for comparison’s sake.

So far the last two tracks, 18 and 19, about 15 minutes of the 72 minute set, came out corrupted, so I deleted it from my inventory — not sure if I only have to wash the disc and try again or what. There’s also a song they refer to as “Odorless Boatman’s Belt” that is not on the list.

If anybody from the band or label contacts me about underwriting some kind of proper release of this, I might throw down for that, within reason.

I also have the overruns of the poster in storage somewhere I can dig up if there is interest. It shows two women making “Oh” sounds, like in speech pathology. I borrowed the image from a New York Times article that came out around that time, my idea of fair use.O

For reference, I also found this footage of a reunion show in Brooklyn in 2012, with some of the same songs.

I remember the show being pretty great, although I wasn’t very familiar with the music, only that I had booked other bands from the Elephant 6, and I trusted the agent, Jim Romeo from what was still called at the time Twin Towers Touring (and became Ground Control when he spun off from working with Bob Lawton and moved to Chapel Hill area). The band had played GAMH the night before, and did an in-store at Aquarius on the next afternoon, which I caught part of.  You can tell, if you listen to these six or seven tracks, that the crowd appreciated the show, although there was not a huge turnout, which says more about doing shows at a community center in Palo Alto than the band’s draw per se.

edit to add, a few minutes later: either I am an idiot — quite likely, I’m a proud Luddite, at least — or WordPress simply does not support Itunes, and this is my girlfriend’s computer so I don’t know any other way to go from my cdr to her computer — anyhow the best I could do was open an account at the Internet Archive who did let me upload from Apple to them. So click here for the first nine minutes of the show (“Can you come down..”), and check back or ask me direct if I am going to clean up the setlist and post the rest to the same archive and here. The same site also has a show in Seattle the following week.

Rolling Stone wrote about the band three weeks before our show.

P.S. There’s also a cdr of The Music Tapes (Julian Koster) who toured together. I think it was a three-band package with Elf Power as well.

edit to add, 20 months later: somehow Stanford Daily archives has an account of this show, plus do note that my next post after inviting Neutral Milk to Cub, a photo of a dog, Ollie, I met again later, dog and dog-friend and was told her name was actually…Olivia! (maybe she channels the soul of leaving member of OTC?????)

Kickin’ out the jams at the Palo Alto Cubberley Center
t’s easy to look on the ’60s with embart|gpient. Granny glasses, love beads, “flower power” « 112 Cr) … golly gee, how lame. Still, whether they were around or not, regard that era as something wonderful. Usuj|ofsudfaf an attitude is romanticized Nostalgia. The fascinating thing about Olivia Trefhor Control is that it manages to make music heavi-| ly embedded in the psychedelic pop era while avoiding nostalgia. Rather than re-create the musk of the era, Olivia Tremor Coqtrol simply seems to be influenced by the Bfiach Boys and the Beatles in the same way that manyJbands today are influenced by the Pixies and Pavement I mean “influence” in the best impossible. Olivia Tremor Control picks up where delic pop left off. It’s a brilliant idea, for ifs an incomplete history. Brian Wilsonof the Beadh Boys made one masterpiece, “P/r Sounds,” and then went literally insane with th« never com-‘ pleted follow-up, “Smile.” The Beatles (or at least John lennon) was onto something with “Tomorrow Never Knows” and “A Day in the Life,” but “The White Album* was a totally different direction. Syd Barrett, founder of Pink Floyd, went mad after the band’s first album. Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison … the casualties of the first psychedelic era are legion. \ How valiant to pick up an idea with so many potholes (pardon the pun). On “Black Foliage: Volume One” (Flydaddy), the group’s second album, Olivia Hremor Control mastered the studio trickery that made the Beades so revolutionary. The album consist* of well-crafted pop songs buried in dense layers of instrumentation and “found* sounds^. Naturally, I was unsure of what to expect from the band In concert J wasjblown away, then, by the gorgeous wall of noise that presented itself at the Cubberley Community Center last Saturday night. The stage was populated by eight to 10 wandering musicians picking up, discarding and trading Vflffottf instruments, including a tuba, banjo and tin can. Psychedelic films almost as intriguing as the music itself played across the band. Tight renditions of songs from the record bled into eipansive jams with no loss in coherency. Words can’t explain the “wow” psychedelia, but Olivia Tremor Control was onto something when it mentioned aJlWfihouse symphony” in one song lyric. Opening for Olivia Tremor auditorium that was eerily reminiscent of high school was the Music Tapes, who, like Olivia Tremor Control, is from Athens, Ga. If I described |it as a dada jugband from outer space, would that make sense? I hope so, because that’s what it y mm, it just .like, felt like I was there, • RYQMXJY (we presume Ryq Mxjy is a pseudolkda;fjsdlkj)

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