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Bruce Conner Mabuhay Paule Anglim V.Vale made Marian

preview for bruce conner mabuhay gardens at gallery paule anglim 14 geary street sf ca 94108 415.433.2710 feb 29 march 31 2012 reception march 3 4 to 6 p.m. Continue reading

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Believe it or Nathan

Nathan Shedroff who told The Chron that bumping will never replace business cards grew up next to Alan Eagle who told The Times that he, despite being Eric Schmidt’s speechwriter, does not let his teens use the Internet at all.

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Archers of Loaf, “Vie Vie” and world’s shortest Chris Appelgren interview

stuck a pin in his backbone Continue reading

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silver jews shoutout to dao strom via folktofolk blog

Won’t soul music change now that our souls have turned strange. This is a public service announcement from Folk to Folk: listen to American Water by the Silver Jews. Pretend i’m your renegade wise older sister with big ole Zooey … Continue reading

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Wah Hoo Wah to Jake Tapper for asking the hard questions a dartmouth alum named i think michael chavez who said he was native american told me once at bach dancing and dynamite of all places that he liked the contentious dartmouth indian because there is a secret society of … Continue reading

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New sensei boogie

The usually impeccable Kimberly Chun of Chronicle and Guardian (although she was that much better when we would talk every week or so) made a boo-boo in this weekly’s, in that she seemed to say that Overwhelming Colorfast had become … Continue reading

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Je accuse or jetaime <3 Kabbalah klezmer band from France

One of my new favorite bands is Kabbalah a klezmer band from South of France who will be on tour in the summer. That’s cool, but you know what’s really, cool? Maybe they could route thru Bay Area overlapping with … Continue reading

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