Wah Hoo Wah to Jake Tapper for asking the hard questions


a dartmouth alum named i think michael chavez who said he was native american told me once at bach dancing and dynamite of all places that he liked the contentious dartmouth indian because there is a secret society of dartmouth people who have run the U.S. since the boston tea party: what was the name of the ship they boarded? Oh, yeah, the Dartmouth.

he say:

How does that square with the fact that this administration has been so aggressively trying to stop aggressive journalism in the United States by using the Espionage Act to take whistleblowers to court? You’re–currently I think that you’ve invoked it the sixth time, and before the Obama administration, it had only been used three times in history. You’re–this is the sixth time you’re suing a CIA officer for allegedly providing information in 2009 about CIA torture. Certainly that’s something that’s in the public interest of the United States. The administration is taking this person to court. There just seems to be disconnect here. You want aggressive journalism abroad; you just don’t want it in the United States.

see also, rupa marya “extraordinary rendition” a cd, mainly for the title but also for all her work in justice


meanwhile, I clipped today, for future intake, a Times article dateline Syria by another Dartmouth reporter from slightly after my time, but I had met at an alumni event, David M. Herszenhorn.

But is in a conspiracy to think that this pro-IPO, pro-beer story about Boston Brewing Company, makers of Sam Adams Lager, is designed to make us stop thinking about foreign policy?

Tapper is a Dartmouth ’91 which means he might have overlapped with Herszenhorn for one year, in the way that Tapper might have been trained by Jacques Steinberg ’88. (And, I do recall Jack Steinberg as I knew him then as one of the reporters two years behind me, at The Dartmouth, whose article I either assigned or edited or both. Also: Keith Boykin, Scott Rafshoon, Heather Myers, Raoul Yanes, Esther Schrader, Jennifer Avellino, Steve Hutensky, Kate Phillips, Scott Rafshoon, Paul Hochman, Harold Ambler, Stevie Losee, Lisa Bransten).



My editor/publisher Jim Newton is editorial page editor of the LA Times and wrote a book about Eisenhower. He is also a former James Reston intern, as is Steinberg. I think the first Reston intern was Jonathan Yardley the father of my classmate in high school James Barrett Yardley.

I don’t think I have met Tapper but I do recall Paul Gigot hitting on my girlfriend at the Two Hundred Anniversary of Student Press at Dartmouth event in the late 1990s, and that I rode the elevator of Hanover Inn with Budd Schulberg, who gave a keynote address.

My high school staff at Gunn came pretty close to my Dartmouth staff: Marsh McCall, Greg Zlotnick, Steve Almond, Jessica Yu, Yardley briefly, Dan Stryer, Beatrice Chestnut, Greg Schmid, Ann Vandenberg, Toph Whitmore, Jean Godfrey-June whom we knew as Jean Watt.

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