My own Private Noisepop

edit to add, on the top, two hours later:

Fact-checking or search-injuning an after-thought, about TLPW456 and Bob Mould, I found this jpg of a Ray Pettibon poster, for SST and BAM, of a tour, that  came through Palo Alto, Keystone not Varsity, then LA, SD etc, of HUSKER DU, THE MINUTEMEN, MEAT PUPPETS  and two others. Talk about brain-pop. Which begs the question: what became of the archives of Keystone and Stone – I heard it is sordid and sad–??

O what a brave old weird noise pop world we live in, and such creature?


Brave New World’s ironic title derives from Miranda’s speech in Shakespeare‘s The Tempest, Act V, Scene I:[2]

O wonder!How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world!

That has such people in it!

Original post, from two hours ago, started like so:

Stanford’s Russian linguist and psychologist the lovely Lera Boroditsky claims that there are five billion languages on this blue marble in that each of us uses his or her lengua slightly differently. Ok. But when you call me light blue are you trying to say I am not man enough for you? Almost blue, almost doing things we used to do? What are you trying to say?

I caught one Noise Pop show this year, Saturday, at the Great American Music Hall, and two bands. The bands were Archers of Loaf (for the tenth or fifteenth time) and The Big Sleep (my first time).

The year before I went to one event, a drawing clinic with Kid Koala at Public Works, which rolled into a Robert Syrett show there a few months later, things to the lovely Betty Bigas, from Barcelona, the curator, who I like to call, despite her petite nature Betty Big Ass.

I actually did produce my own Noise Pop in 1997 when Jim Romeo suggested I book his client Spoon the day after its Noise Pop bow. I ended up booking seven bands around that one avail and calling it Twin Harmonic Pop Festival. The poster featured baseball slugger and MLB logo model Harmon Killebrew of the Twins. Get it? Poster design by Michelle Nelson of Santa Cruz by way of La Para Drive and Gunn High, as opposed to Lisa Marie Nielson who did one or two projects prior to her and also if memory slurves she did the art work for the vanity project of Phillippe Kahn, a sax player and tech leader, from France, he of the famous “FU-1” visa, meaning, “Deport me? Go fuck yourself, I have 100 employees counting on me.” Emma Lazerus was on his original board of directors. Man, I digress.

The other bands were, at my Noise Pop knockoff: Van Goghs Daughter (featuring Zoe Keating and my eventual short-lived management client Jane Woodman pka stonedays — twice, they made it a residency and did a clinic at JLS), The Babysitters Club (featuring my intern or campus rep Rachel Metz and eventual Guardian writer Matt Sussman), the Keeners, Engine 88 — the exact list is on the poster, in my car, I will add later.

So briefly here is what I knew of the 50 or so Noise Pop 2012 bands going in:

And congrats to Jordan Kurland and Kevin Arnold on their monstrous success!

Archers of Loaf: I wrote about them below. I could sing along to about half the songs, but I sort of thought “Wrong” was a Superchunk cover. I was the one who yelled out “Precision Auto” and someone perhaps sarcastically congratulated by slapping me on my back and yelling “good one.” Lane Wurster, when AOL played  BOTH for the first time said “throw beer cans.” I resisted urge to throw first my program then my balled up paper cup.  Barton the guitar tech and merge dude also sat in on some kind of keyboard thingy. The other merge dude or dudette was a lady who says she is in Crooked Fingers. That’s no lady that’s my…

Built to Spill is a big name but I don’t think I’ve heard them. Martch. Doug Martch. Or Martsch, that is. I bought the “Instrument” book on Chronicle books and wrote “March XX, at Fillmore” and left it open to that page during part of Rockage.

Cursive. I know they are huge and Weezer-y (although AOL hates being reminded of their Weezer tour — apparently Rivers Cuomo does not like tour manager to make eye contact and will fire at will, if gratuitous detail that — and I met a lady at Canyon Ranch the year Jerry Garcia died whose son met Weezer for Make A Wish, but this is about Cursive not Weezer). I know they played Amoeba and GAMH. I think Mike Kelley of Absolute Artists (Bruce Solar’s firm, and Brad Stewart) booked them for a while.

Flaming Lips I saw with Cake (and Henry Butler — I took him to concert and we were hanging sidestage at the Greek, thanks to Bruce Solar who rescued us from limbo — and Henry and John McCrea talked about how a keyboard would fit in, perhaps not seriously – and Henry would not wear the Unlimited Sunshine shirt I bought him – he left it at my house) and was thinking during AOL  “are they as good as Flaming Lips?” but other than that — oh, didn’t they produce a four-cd set where you are supposed to play all four cds on different players? — not in their camp, really.

Jolie Holland — I met at Alabama Chicken and she invited me to play scrabble once. I like the rap thingy she does with, who is it, Russell Sage? I mean Sage Francis? And Danny Barnes asked me if her accent was supposed to be for real.

Imperial Teen — I would absolutely buy their record when I see it, or go look for a record store to find it. Where do they still sell records, cds for you under 30 types? Tower>Rasputins is gone – I would have to think about that – do you have to drive to city to find Amoeba, where Imperial Teen played Saturday? When they played the Cub, back in the day, I split their poster with a Stroke 9 (“Little Black Backback” one hit wonders although Luke Esterkyn their singer to me looks exactly like the guy from “Glee” the teacher), and used a picture of Mickey Mantle. Huh? Let me break that down: stroke as in baseball or homerun stroke, imperial as in “yankee imperialism.” Also, I caught up with Jone Stebbins recently in my satire>slander piece about Palo Alto City Councilmember Nancy Shepherd declaring a no yapping zone around 456 University. As it happens, planning commissioner Arthur Keller last night at State of the City address baited me into berating this occurence and then I realized that Nancy was right behind me, but didn’t seem to notice. She was with Valerie Stringer, whose daughter Laura B. Stringer is principle in a theatre group in New York called Witness Relocation. She yoo-hoo. I yoo-hoo. Let us all conjugate or congregate. I would, by the way, love to get cut by Jone someday. (cut vs. caught)

Mac McCaughan — His real name is Ralph. He’s working. He’s not working for me. I said below, I missed his show but met a Mormon Stanford student with Mac’s boyish good looks, named David Rockland, who performed at Cantor next to a very colorful work by COMING and soundchecked using a Death Cab song that has the word “color” in it. Mac also has, besides mighty Merge — winner of the Grammy for album of the year with Arcade Fire — a jazz label called Wobbly Rail which I think is a Joe Hill reference.

Bob Mould – -and here I am cribbing because I got this wrong the other day, or staggered with it: Sugar, Husker Du. I want to say Replacements but I said Adolescents maybe? I made a joke about “Macalester” as his “safe word” without actually knowing what a “safe word” is and not realizing consciously that Mould is an alumnus. Jon Wurster of Superchunk plays drums for him. Never heard of “Copper Blue” but I am certain it means “gay secret police” in the Ukraine.

o O o O O or o 0 o 00 — not sure I know anything about them but I heard KFJC air talent announce their show during concert outlook. They should tour with !!!.

Papercuts — I get them mixed up with a former San Jo band that has a dude who also works as a checker or bagger at SF SOMA Whole Foods, that I gave a paper doll of Joe Flacco to randomly one day about three years ago, and I also bugged Romeo’s assistant Kate or Katie and sent them a cellshot of the marquee at GAMH about a year ago, I hope that is still in archive in my yahoo. or my    o o.

OC – my hands are cramping so i was hoping my bib (brothers in blog) at Spinning Platters would carry me here, having already written about OC below. I will just reiterate that both of Kevin Arnold’s original two clients played The Cub, Overwhelming Colorfast and Pee. Also, I cannot find easily facts to confirm my recollection that OC covered (fast) “Mrs. Robinson” before and better than Lemonheads or whoever.

Sleigh Bells I don’t recall knowing anything about, not to sound too Descartes-like, or cartesian? But I know they had a big sounding in the New York Times right before if not a preview of NP. In the way that Surfer Blood I recall did one year around SXSW. I will find the links.

Sonny (Smith) and the Sunsets. I recall that the lovely and mom-ish Hilda from Down Home suggested Sonny Smith either as a client or as a gig years ago. And I bought but probably still owe some money to or on the Griff Williams Gallery 16 box set I bought myself (with Steve or Eric Cohen as my moral support and character witness) on incredibly favorable terms — like $5 down and $1 a year until the blue shift of the universe — not forever but forever minus 100,000 years or so. Can’t wait to hear some or all of it, and maybe I will review it, here for Plastic Alto.

Surfer Blood, see Sleigh Bells.

Thao — I guess they mean Thao Nguyen also known formerly perhaps but also forever or forever minus 10,000 years as Thao and The Get Down Stay Down. I met her at SXSW, the same day I met Carrie Brownstein, within an hour of each other even. I spoke of Dao to Thao. I drink Tsing Tao, I think. I read Thich Nhat Han and worked at Parralax, or in the same building, on Solano, or thereabouts, near a fancy restaurant who employs Mary Armentrout. She went to William and Mary, pretty sure, and moved to SF or East Bay. Jess Hemerly of the noise Pop staff of crack writers knows worlds and worlds more than I do here so search him or her out.

Two Gallants. Doug Shevlin digs. Nuff said. I wonder, taking Jordanna Finnegan’s course on Literature of Poverty and Inequity at Foothill, if Two Gallants name is a John Steinbeck “Tortilla Flat” reference. For, yes, Dr. Moore, “two gallons” of wine.

John Vanderslice — although I did momentarily and on his voice mail confuse with Action Slicks with MC whatever the mind control project of the CIA that he once referenced or called out — and didn’t he once prank Microsoft??? Tiny Telephone. Saw at Stanford on Escondido Street a couple years back. There is a younger Asian woman in his two-shot in the program, a string arranger I recall…searching…circling…Minna Choi, thank you, (insert Jonah Hill A’s Cap curl and pull the fist, yes!).

Laura Veirs — I was re-listening to a Laura Veirs demo from 2005 or so she sent me, girl with a tiger not dragon tattoo and wrote a draft of something and sent to her publicist maybe I will cut and paste it in here. I get confused Laura Veirs, Jolie Holand and Mary Halvorson. She has cute puppet videos, I recall. Or paper dolls.

Veronica Falls, not to be confused with Rebecca Falls featuring the Dartmouth guy.

Wye Oak on Merge, right?

Ok, that was just the headliners (I mention 20), now here are the support:

Sasha Bell , of Essex Green, I don’t know but Dartmouth alum  by way of Portola Valley or Atherton Britt Myers does.

Big Sleep. Liked. Terry, my Terry, Terry Acebo Davis, was unsure. It’s a Raymond Chandler reference right? Literary reference sends me back to….

On Frenchkiss which is a lable I’ve heard of.

Built Like Alaska — were on stage when we got to AOL at GAMH but didn’t focus.

Fake Your Own Death – reminds me of the time when I suggested to my client Doug Hilsinger, whose band Enorchestra I and only I got into Noise Pop 2006 because I met Ryan from Man Man at Last Drop and called Romeo from a cab and he said he had noticed the Eno tribute, “Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy” by Doug Hilsinger and Caroleen Beatty, supporting Devotchka, that he should do a tribute to that pretty darn good movie about a fake rock band that fakes its own death but I think because we were not getting along too well my days were numbered, ironically enough I was faking my own death or falling on a sword he took it as some kind of agro thing to say. I think he said he was too young to fake his own death or something. I definitely recall that Romeo had never heard of the Enorchestra bass players band, the one that seemed to only play at anti-Israel events.

Carlos Forster — was he in not Carlos! but For Stars and got a Cake credit? It says he plays with M. Ward who also plays with Zoeey Dechannel, yes? Future former farmers all.

I am cheating but I like “Foxtails Brigade…classically trained vocalist and guitarist Laura Weinbach.”

Rachel Haden: briefly, there are three sisters. One had a band named My Sister Amazing and one married Jack Black, but how many permutations of that dog combo could there be? Three to the second times two to the second or 81? I have a one in 81 chance in getting this right, which reminds me of the WSJ story about one over f, (1/f) and how to predict what movie is “good”. Huh? I would like to say that I gave Tanya Haden a demo tape, literally a demo cassette of the Negro Problem because she told me she wanted to learn accordion (in this case, ala ) and I thought she said she was part-black. (soon to be Black, is what she somehow meant). I also invited, okay this is Tanya not Anna or Rachel, Ms. Haden to go to a Elastica show at Fillmore but she said her grandparents were in town.  She had an 0 in her digits and made a little smiley face. On a coaster.

I traded text messages in real time Saturday with Jonah Matranga of Far and onelinedrawing: sorry I missed your gig. No worries.

Is Maus Haus related to Blectum from Blectum?

Oranger: I had their bumper sticker on my Forerunner and once, near corner of Embarcadero (westbound) at El Camino had a young attractive very indie looking woman roll down her window and give me the “Oranger!” smile and thumbs up. I was stalked by an Oranger stalker!

Preteen not Pre Teens from Santa Cruz with geneder diversity, alas.

Princeton sucks, dude. Save “A Sense of Where You Are” and FSF “this side of paradise.” RIP the teen band from San Carlos Experience Dartmouth.

Release the Sunbird I am cheating again but method to it is Rogue Wave.

ok, Slouching Stars is members of Carlos!

Will Sprout of the Mumlers may or may not be the San Jo 408 band that I confuse with Papercuts — thus nullifying half the effect of my Joe Flacco paper doll gift, see above. Doh! Calls to mind: Dove from Duster.

We passed on the Shepherd Fairey poster as well as the more enticing Tuffy AOL silk screen. But we did buy two AOL shirts. We wanted Vee Vee on vinyl but ran out of gas. Speaking of Fairey, the more I mention wanting to commission Barry McGee to tag the Caltrain Station more or less likely to come true. Poll?

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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6 Responses to My own Private Noisepop

  1. Mark Weiss says:

    okay i am such an indie poser that i cross sugar or husker du with replacements featuring westerberg and the stinsons, but definitely distinct from, for example, “closing time” dudes, although I liked the book from the drummer, is it jason slichter?
    and my cousin Isaac had a band the Souldiers that I wanted to be a Mould tribute the Mouldiers.

    i should check him out. Saw him on late night tv.

    also there was a time at carrboro mall with lane wurster and chris eselgroth maybe passing a toy store that had an actual husker du the board game — that predates the band, i would think – and they nudged each other but then didn’t want to explain to me what was up.

  2. Mark Weiss says:

    i saw this book and almost went for it during the last days of borders in historic varsity theatre which begs the question: did husker du ever play the varsity?

  3. Mark Weiss says:

    the title is a b-52s reference but all van sant:

  4. Mark Weiss says:

    todd inoue in metro feb 20 1997
    Heard of the Noise Pop Fest? Get jacked into the local version, which is called the Twin Harmonic Pop Shows. March 1 features Spoon, Engine 88, Van Gogh’s Daughter and IBOPA. March 7 has Van Gogh’s Daughters, the Keeners, Peel and a trio of 15-year-old Palo Alto high schoolers called the Babysitters Club. Both shows take place at the Cubberley Community Center in Palo Alto.

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