Bruce Conner Mabuhay Paule Anglim V.Vale made Marian

there's also a lecture today at Stanford regarding Walker Evans James Agee "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men" at 2 p.m. which is what I meant to download before Devo

Terry my Terry Acebo Davis not Terry Allen showed me this a.m. a poster she got in the mail announcing some Bruce Conner photos from Mabuhay Gardens nightclub the failed Filipino restaurant that let all the punks in back in the late 1970s — when I was listening to Journey — and when I tried to find more information I ended up on the phone — and we are talking literally talking 9:45 a.m. on a Sunday — with Marian who is affiliated with Re/Search Publications in SF and the legendary V. Vale publisher and provacateur and we Terry Acebo Davis and I met she and him at Devo at Regency Ballroom (Golden Voice) maybe 18 months ago and it turns out that it was — and I found this based on Berkeley Museum exhibition website from 2008 or so — V. Vale who asked Bruce Conner to go shoot some photos at the Fab Mab for his pub. Although she said she was trying to do something — or did she say “frying” to do something like make fried egg? — we talked for about 8 minutes which was probably me talking for 6 and her for 2 and I told her that the night that Devo played more recently at Fillmore that Rob Syrett, Mia Ollikainen and I were at his “soft opening” at Caffe Centro and that due to vagaries of guest lists and power Rob (and I, it became, at least hypotheticall a plus 2) was on and off the guest list like we were dealing with the Wizard of Oz although it was just Bruce not Conner but Solar and his assistant Ronnie Lapone – who sings quite nicely, or so I hear, but what do I know I am kinda tone deaf at least in E between the black key and the whites — the assistant said we or he was in no problem but then the agent, who was actually 3,000 miles from his desk wrote back to say the list is full. He was right — but no hard feelings. He can make it up to poor Rob or I. (and see below about my attempts to bug first Chris Appelgren and then Jim Romeo about AOL list — the Devo Solar story is backstory to the AOL story)

Marian said to ring her again next week to remind her about the Paula Anglim show.

I will edita some art — I have been pasting my Anglim emails to this blob, but today my yahoo looks weird and I don’t want to touch it. Which reminds that last night while walking the dog, after AOL, I dropped my phone which had 130 photos including 8 of AoL and Big Sleep and about 500 phone numbers and I am not sure if I can just walk away from all that info. Probably good for me in a zen way to wash it all away and just let go.

Marian I started to say said that there was a Bruce Conner Mabuhay photos show in Palo Alto — did she mean at Smith Anderson?
And did I write something about going to SFMOMA – -hey, I can click that box — and seeing a letter to or from Paula Kirkeby about them doing or not doing fingerprints or something.

I want to know who the skinny black guy with pink pants is in lower left corner of this cool poster.

I did produce a Jello Biafra lecture show at Cubberley in 1998 or so AND I let Steve Cohen interview Jello for the Gunn High School Oracle in 1982: “We aim to annoy”

edit to add, two minutes later: my source for this story is Marian Wallace I am fairly certain. All I asked her was “Is that Mariam with an “m” or Marian with an “n” ?” and she told me that much. She did say “is this an interview?” to which I would say no it is part of my Scorpio rising, always sifting through the ashes of things and probing. In the old school of journalism you would have to identify yourself as reporter before you could quote anyone but for blogs it is all just dots and dashes and shadows and lies so not trying to alienate anyone but anything goes. I will gladly redact this if needs be.

The Marian I spoke to said she was not familiar with Archers of Loaf and I gave a brief description quoting “underachievers attack and your leisure” but as write this I am hearing “you got it all wrong” still from last night. I guess it would be “Miriam” with an “i” and “m” sofit.

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  1. Mark Weiss says:

    ms anglim herself called back and left voice that all i need to know i can find at the show

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