<3 <3 <3 Like Me of San Jose

I had a Vietnamese client, Dao Strom, who is still my partner in our Wallace Stegner Tribute, a Taiwanese American client named Annie Lin who I believe is a 8th cousin of Jeremy Lin, a Pinay girlfriend, Terry Acebo Davis — when we went to Bindlestiff for PMSTA showcase I had ideas for about five projects from that — a mostly on the internet meaning not in real life Santa Clara Pueblo (Native American) project with Jody Naranjo, and I worked briefly as Chris Cuevas’ intern at the launch of Rupa Marya’s April Fishes, BUT, what I really really want (that’s a Spice Girls reference — and did I mention anywhere yet today that I discovered the Donnas — and speaking of today, today I met Tracy Chapman, and she turned around to wave goodbye to us, although she was probably doing it out of respect for or was charmed by my mother — I want to manage this really happening from San Jose part Khmer part Flippin’ band The Like Me.

The probably don’t need management since they are already on NPR and travel three continents, self-helped by the bands Helena Hong.

Did I mention I worked for Helena Norberg Hodge the honorary Ladakhi?

Did I mention I kinda sorta know Jamie Cullum the half-Thai popstar who wrote and sang for Clint Eastwood’s Khmer movie “El Camino” — isn’t that now a cd by Black Keys, who I don’t know but I KNOW PAT CARNEY’S UNCLE, RALPH CARNEY^, WHO PLAYS CLARINET?

Call me Khmer Pilipina goddesses of rock Like Me of San Jo and I help you stay small long time — much better. {if they read that, I can see why they didn’t call back -ED}

edit to add, or collection of boo-boos: Gran Torino is a muscle car made by Ford while El Camino is a utility car built by Chevy as my namesake and Chevy Dealer grandfather MB Weiss would surely correct me from heaven if he read the above or likes Clint. Jamie Cullum is part Jewish — maybe he’s my cousin, like my actual cousin Craig Ruda formerly of Joe 90 and Godschild major label signed bands — and part Burmese, not Thai. Oh yeah, my cab driver, from the Vietnamese Cafe Dolci on Market back to ACT at Yerba Buena at 221 Fourth – our feet hurt, $7.50 cab ride to go back two blocks the long way but keep the change for the lesson on Mongolia versus Mongolia Beef — “dos vadonya” was from Mongolia, which is not Nepal or Ladakh — it is where Genghis Khan is from, Duh! {and Terry TMW and I got the same lesson again from a Lyft driver, that he likes Russian cuisine, six years later}

Jack Walrath and I met Jamie Cullum because Jack freaked out to know that Jamie’s radio breakthru hit steals the riff from Charles Mingus “Haitian Fight Song” and our little “gotcha” note we sent back stage earned us drinks after show with Jamie and Dana Collins his p.m. anyhoo — and I had met Jamie at IAJE thanks to Jason “Don’t Confuse me with Jeremy Lin” Olaine, he of the three-pointer I mean triplets of not Belleville but Storyville. Here is Jamie :

the Like Me’s video is by Marco Bercasio of San Jo. I would say it’s the best video   I have ever seen. I would say Marco Bercasio pound for pound and from 2010 on is a better filmmaker than Clint. Tell me more, tell me more, like do you have a car — ha, ha, ha, ha — that’s a Summer Lovin’ Grease allusion — this guy may be better than Jerry Zak at this point.

edit to add like 6 years later: the auto-refer / auto-reefer feature of this blog format suggested I revisit this — I had just posted something cheap about Kanye West and “bowfinger” and I’m glad I took the bait: this video is pure genius. I hope the Like Me featuring Laura Mam I think are still rocking in the free world. I gather its Khmer more than Vietnamese duly noted. Big world.

And because I name-checked him above — as Rupa’s onetime manager — I might post or edit again here with a yoga video by Chris Cuevas.

^and now Ralph Carney has left us, as has my dear mother

I wrote a not-so-intelligent but fawning review or notice of the famous Like Me video on my obscure blog Plastic Alto about six years ago.
Today the auto-refer function of WordPress suggested I re-visit that. Wow, that video was or is so great!
Is Laura Mam (perhaps now known as Laura Tevary?) still making music?
My mind jumps around in weird ways but I also flashed to, from San Jose then moved far far away, my briefly client Lara Price (born in Vietnam, adopted by U.S. Utah couple, voice lessons, marriage, documentary about return to Vietnam, also a gemologist).
I’m celebrating (or processing) 25 years as Earthwise Productions of Palo Alto.
I don’t know who played what in your band but because  I was re-visiting fellow South Bay types Smash Mouth (because of the miracle of these new proliferated hand-held computers, and their convenient access to music) it makes me think you should work with their producer Eric Valentine or Greg Camp their genius. Or for different reasons Julie Wolf in Berkeley.
The former mayor of Palo Alto Yaiway Yeh (who is Taiwanese) is married to a professor who is an expert on trafficking which I see is a concern of yours as well. I have a lot of weird trivia not sure that is so helpful.
My best to you.
Mark Weiss
Earthwise Productions and Plastic Alto blog
andand, this is a hot mess but here is Chris Cuevas:

About markweiss86

Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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3 Responses to <3 <3 <3 Like Me of San Jose

  1. Mark Weiss says:

    not a client but hopefully a friend my mentawai correspondent Jun Tulius and his gibbons carving rant, and also he only fantasizes about being Cambodian and plays one on tv or youtube and I did not manage him or it but did book him Peter Conheim in both Monopause and Negativland:

  2. Mark Weiss says:

    i also fell in love at rockage with glowing stars featuring lizzie cuevas and also wrote and heard back from alex carbonel the basketball player who sings; there’s a weird continuum from actually managing bands and helping them grow and go and make it or make something and then merely writing about them or what i would or could do.

  3. Mark Weiss says:

    back to The Like Me’s will have to look more into it:

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