Please slud yourselfs to SF to see Terry Allen

sled allen

Contest Rules and Description and Examples and More See Below

Terry Allen’s dad played 14 games for the St. Louis Browns in 1910. Maybe we should make a mock tobacco card for Sled and present it to him Terry when he arrives at Paule Anglim in Sf for a show on September 1. This would pre-empt my plan to see SF Mime Troupe in Palo Alto Mitchell Park that same day and channel, which I wrote about for Patch.

Too many things to see or do or be or slud. Makes me dizzy. Or like on the hop.

edit to add: I texted about a dozen artists and asked them to create mock baseball cards to be presented to either Paule Anglim or Terry Allen on September 1 in San Francisco, at her gallery. So far only one person bothered to acknowledge my text. I have thought up a more thorough set of contest rules and philosophies, available on request. My nutty enthusiasm stems from the recent tour Terry Acebo Davis and I got, the grand tour and reception, from Jack Lemmon, Steve Campbell and Christina Campbell at Landfall Press of Santa Fe formerly Chicago where Jack had worked extensively with Terry Allen over the years (and where he recently worked with Diego Romero, and upcoming no pun intended with or for Judy Chicago).

In a related realm, I pledged $100 to Palo Alto Rec Foundation in honor of City Manager Jim Keene who I met with at the Palo Alto crafts fair (better than I expected). Keene is running the 10k of the Palo Alto Weekly Moonlight Run and if he either breaks 50 minutes or places in his age group (he just turned 60) I will pay up. (Similarly, I once pledged $500 if Police Chief Dennis Burns could learn a particular bird call, ala the Piedmont High students — longer story). Keene was wearing a Navajo silver bracelet and said that he was the former City Manager for Flagstaff, AZ. This fact begets yet another Earthwise Production: the Palo Alto Indian Market. Details, teepee announced.

And further afield: I am working on, for Palo Alto Patch, the following stories: on Mildred Howard, “Clear Story”; on Rochelle Ford sculpture garden; on Josh Roseman Jamaican Jazz (what I call “Lively Up Your Arts”) at Stanford, David Krakauer’s Abraham Incorporated appearing at Cal Performances in November, a poster for Stanford Lively Arts with Rob Syrett for Matmos So Percussion; a Dao Strom Jennie Gillespie tour stop in Palo Alto area, a major announcement or breakthrough on the Wallace Stegner tribute; debut of a project called “Sussman Can’t Sleep” that combines Jimi Hendrix and Klezmer but is actually a Coen Brothers homage featuring Glenn Hartman and Beth Custer; a posting to my “Together We Are Giant” baseball song proposed compilation by Johnny Law; two new Santa Fe based music projects, and apropos of the Varsity Theatre project, the formation of the Varsity Theatre Jazz Orchestra. Oh, yes, I am also planning to interview Ethan Iverson of the Bad Plus most specifically about his song “Let Our Garden Grow” because of the fact that Terry, Hadar our neighbor and I now have a patch in the public garden at Johnson Park.

Meanwhile, I found this new artist (to me) in the list of nominees at the Downbeat Readers Poll, bassoon player Katherine Young (here performing at Philly’s Highwire Gallery; people I recall voting for include: Ambrose Akinmusire, Dave Douglas, Nelly McKay, Norah Jones, John Ellis — write-in on soprano –, Bill Frisell, Chris Wood, Craig Taborn, Jenny Scheinman, Darcy James Argue, Rudresh Mahanthappa, John Santos, Don Cherry, Wayne Horvitz, Uri Caine, Josh Roseman, Chris Potter and Ben Goldberg, and write-in for David King, and the Bad Plus — I picked Taborn over Iverson for piano despite my recent infatuation with the “garden” song I glossed above).

The longer list of names I susses this a.m. after seeing them on the Downbeat poll beyond Katherine Young of Porter Records include Ann Savoy’s Black Coffee blues or old-timey cd, Lauren Newton, Mwata Bowden, Susie Hansen, Diane Monroe, Linda Oh, Mary Oliver, Florin Niculescu, Ola Kvernberg, Helena Gough, Peter Appleyard and Olivia Brooks Either OAR. That’s actually Olivia Block, who will be at the Stone in NYC while we are all sludding into Terry Allen in SF; her album for Either OAR in Seattle was on the Downbeat ballot which reminds me both of Origin Records in Seattle and my recent conversation with Russ Gershon of Massachusetts regarding my came-and-went brainstorm about changing Earthwise to Aether Ore; Russ runs the Accurate Records label and Either Orchestra, and recently toured Ethiopia.

Anyways, so to reiterate, and back on main topic, I am announcing a contest. I will pay $10 (ten dollars) for the first 10 “roughs” submitted by noon Thursday (as I will most likely be taking the 4 p.m. train to get to the event in SF that starts at 5:30), “roughs” meaning even the slightest articulation of the slimmest idea, on a napkin, A2 envelope, via text or email, whatever — as long as it references “baseball card” “art” or “sled allen” it probably qualifies, or $100 total prizes in that category. I will also pay $20 each for the first five “comps” or finished works submitted; “comps” means it has some production details, or actual detail, or color, or nuance, or technique — I usually stop after a “rough” and then beg for help from an actual artist type.  And I will pay $200 for the grand prize winner. (Or a total for $400 in prize money proffered). The artist retains title of the works and ideas submitted. I am merely angling for the right to walk up to Paule Anglim or Terry Allen and show how clever we all are. I will suggest to Paule and Terry that the follow up with the artist directly if they want to procure or re-sell the piece. (On the other hand, and this is a catch, not unlike Willie Mays hauling in Vic Wertz in 1954 or Joe Rudi against the wall in 1973, artists have to come pick up the submitted work from me if they want it back, I ain’t footin’ that.)

For instance, here are two quick “roughs” that I might enter:

1) take the photo above, which I found via a search-injun, and print it out and paste it to another sheet of paper or part of an old shoebox and write “Sled Allen” “St. Louis” and woller, there’s your mock baseball card art.

from encyclopedia of baseball

2) Roger McNamee and Moonalice recently played Palo Alto free series and gave out a four-color poster that has an elephant playing second base. I may cut out part of the elephant, draw on with a Sharpee some Micky Mouse Ears (the Roger Brown kind, not the Disney kind, for fair use reasons, or stylistical ones) and bingo!

3) am on a roll, here, I may dig up some other random baseball card from my disparate and vast (ie because some of it is scattered and purloined) collection and take the aforesaid marker of the first part, and rip it, ala the Marx Brothers in “Opera” or tag it with “Sled” or such and there I go. I actually gave Howard Finster or actually his grandson Andy Finster a Topps Football card that showed a Niners lineman I forget who blocking out number 66 (eerily close to THE DEVIL 666)  and I wrote “JOE 3:16” all over the card in a Roman Opalka pattern, and Howard asked Andy to “take the artist and his work” down to “the Ramp” where we did hung it.

So get to sluddin’ or artin’ or Allenin’ y’all.

This may help explain even furthr:

Robert Syrett obliged by fountain penning a quick take on Strathmore Artist Trading Cards, a uniform 2.5 x 3.5 handy format, and in fact an inspiration for this whole farrago: Rob’s trading card of Olivier Messiaen and ondes martenot I gifted to Josh “Socalled” Dolgin at KZSU Stanford a couple years ago. So far we have submissions from Syrett, Terry Acebo Davis and yours truly, with faints hints of comprehension from Grant Kosh in Santa Fe and Steve Cohen in LALA, who I said could have his own category if slips up, or sleps, or sluds into second, and submits a “Steve Allen” instead, or insled.

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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4 Responses to Please slud yourselfs to SF to see Terry Allen

  1. markweiss86 says:

    I sat through 4 minutes of a boring introduction for 4 minutes of payoff (of the 23 or so promised) in the form of a Shemp Howard baseball short featuring Dizzy and Daffy Dean, from 1934. See also 1952 “Pride of St. Louis” with Dan Daily as Dizzy Dean versus the grammarians. ie “he slud into second.”

  2. markweiss86 says:

    Terry Acebo Davis has a cool catalog from a 1993 show “Youth in Asia”. This Amazon link looks to a more recent text pretty cool:

  3. markweiss says:

    My baseball card Limited Edition 100 presented to Terry Allen September 1, 2011 in honor of his opening at Paula Anglim Gallery and his Dad Sled Allen. Courtesy of Terry Acebo Davis, Palo Alto, CA

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