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I woke up in a big yellow taxi, counting crows and pondering dense housing

I woke up in a SoHo doorway, a police man knew my name. Twenty years in the Tin Pan, Lord there’s got to be another way. That’s a pretty close to direct quote of a famous song by a famous … Continue reading

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Good morning, Soledad O’Brien

I got up early …Brad and I coached a HS soccer team in Palo Alto, in 1993, fall when he and Siley were merely dating. Brad would go home every day at noon to catch her on the local news … Continue reading

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Respect to Laura Chavez my former guitar teacher and Foothill College Music 7e, winter 2002 classmate, appearing twice today in San Jose, with singer Nikki Hill, her 3rd such tenure, more soul than blues, I dear say

There’s a little bit of Laura Chavez in this, and a little bit of this in Laura Chavez, keep in minding that the Blues Resource Center in Los Altos Hills, CA that me, Mike Sult, Janis Stevenson and “Dean Graham” … Continue reading

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Death Cab touch of gray on late show solstice

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Central New Jersey w. Mid-East Palo Alto

Couple years ago I read that former assistant city manager and Kaliningrad Steve Emslie EMSLIE and going to work with or for Peter pao to manage 800 apartments Near University Avenue 101 and what we used to call whiskey Gulch … Continue reading

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Fixing ‘Night Channels’ video woman w. Richard Diebenkorn lithograph fixing repaired by Portola Valley expert with Chinese name

detail from 1965, but foxing free since 2016

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Tes I’ve been watching just the right amount of soccer I get on the tread master at the gym and watch and pedal until halftime or final I tape but don’t watch all the matches I watch a little bit … Continue reading

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Gilhooly growlix remix

b/w 7 dogs by Fritz Scholder, which reminds me that when we first moved to eat became the 650     Andar: wayne thiebaud license “art plate “ from ca  arts council and DMV. These are available 1993 but only … Continue reading

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Pecker v Pecker

I couldn’t make this “up”.

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Free show by Antibalas to celebrate the liberation of White Bean Soup

when I say “free@ I mean improvised but the tickets are actually $599.  They are literally “has beans”. Near the stadium post game. B so the joke is that the beans are white but the soup as you can plainly … Continue reading

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