Deep Blue Something ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ VS Ana and The MRI duo, song performed mostly covers at Lytton Plaza

Deep Blue Something is a group from Dallas Texas who had a big hit “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” that played at Cubberley Community Center in 1998. It was #5 on the 1996 Billboard Hot 100 charts. It namechecks a famous movie, based on a Truman Capote novel, but now the guy says it wrote it after watching a different Audrey Hepburn movie, from 8 years before — but classics to him by then — “Roman Holiday”. (So the couple that had nothing in common but both liking a movie, are comfused about which movie it is — that actually makes more sense than just liking the movie).

Ana and The MRI, Rachel Ostroski et al –M, R, and I — have been together 4 years and I met two of them at Lytton Plaza and caught a few bits of songs.

There is a long enough interview on KMVT cable access on Youtube.

I had their sticker on my Chevy – -I had a menagerie — but sold the Chevy – I wish I could say I took the Chevy to the levy, but the humor was dry.

The connection is that they claim they met while on a soccer team. Whereas DBS were also D-1 soccer players at North Texas State or something — and my recollection was they were rollerblading around the Cub after pulling up in a bus not a pan. They were part of Rolling Stone (magazine) New Music Tour that was actually paid for by Bryan Perez of Stanford Concert Network but he didn’t have a room to place it so he assigned it to me, free show, students on campus were given tickets and then zipped over to Cubberley, about 6 miles off campus. (The other band, not to detract further from the new band out of 650 or 408, also had a strange movie tie-in: Marry Me Jane. A near-one-hit wonder whose music was all over some indie movie, on Sony. Amanda something, a redhead.)

So woodshedding with Youtube, KMVT:

Their dad had a friend who is a famous rapper in Tibet, and they want to visit Iceland.

They said “Ana” is a word in English that means a random collection of ideas. (file under: words)

Green Day sound of your life and blackbird by beetles.

this is a bit meta but wordpress is f-ing with me in new formats. Izzy is another of the member

this is like hang-person



I need the “M”

gregory allen isocoph? a folk singer she likes, rachel I think.


Maya Ford of the Donnas is my neighbor and she had a piece of visual art at Works Sj auction that remains extant: is says “no future” in a hangman motif. look for the tee shirt.

she also has a psychedlelic snail shirt and hoodie, Maya not Ana. I used one for a flyer for a patricia barber show. but we only made 20 copies of the flyer and put up exactly one, at a taco stand in occidental. next to three ladies peeing in public and blocking the wind for each other — not Ana and The MRI i don’t think.

Anyhow good luck to M, R and I.

set list


hey also remind of Rebecca Riots: Eve Decker, the copwatch lady who were called Final Girl until the author of ‘Final Girl” the book wrote to yank it out of their hand. Final girl was a feminist conceit or construct that pointed out that horror movies often left a female character to get killed by the monster. Think Jamie Lee Curtis and the native American activist who started out as a b-movie victim. Andrea Pritchett. Not Rachel Garlin or Shelly Doty just randomly shouting out to them apropos of Rachel, Izzy and M.


“Those Who Came Before” (Banjo showcase for Rachel…)

if i can find the f-ing widget that lets me click “topics” I will go “media’ and “sex” (gender) and “words” and “art” or “music” or maybe “media” plus “ana and the MRI” and “rachel ostroski” i’ll get the actual spelling.

Still trying to find out the high school they might have met at.

“Willows” (Rachel back to guitar”

What was the name of the guitar store? Gryphon, right?

I also, if you excuse the digression — I did just ring recently Nugent, Paul Nugent the band manager who worked with Deep for many years and now has another client who is big in the bluegrass folk realm — hey baby he will sign and help A&MRI just on the kismet of another group who met at soccer. I’ll suggest such.

— the 3d member has a harmonica solo in “Willows” — I’m guessing she’s “M”

that’s weird – there is a Ben wEiss asst directdor of an old cheers and a ben weiss curator at Boston MFA — same people? (this comes from the random media flow in the deep background as I peck away, as a shelter in place geek)

but i forget the previous digression. just as well. Nugent, right.

Come Along – and thank you for into-ing your songs!

This woman has the perfect voice.

Kind of reminds me of Inside Llewyn Davis — I’d love to see Ana and The MRI get Inside Llewyn Davis.

So I guess this is thematic to the prevous about 9 Women Tennis Players.

I’ll have to suss up the clips I made of them at Lytton Plaza, about a year ago.

And they harmonize well. “stay with me” — still on “come along”

About 1.1 K people have heard this video, Deserves a bigger audience. Although with acts like that often college breaks them up. Tho maybe the coronovirus is bringing them back together, at least by media.

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