Breakfast at Tiffany’s

But more like a gulyas:

1) I popped in on Empire Vintage Clothing, 443 Waverley Street, Palo Alto, near Zibibbo’s, near the former Barbie Museum, and mildly pestered owner-operator Tiffany this morning. It was just past noon, actually, my being on rocker-dude time owing to a bout of food poisoning that had been slowing me down; Me on my way back to Palo Alto North from Peets, she opening her doors, and dragging her sandwich board to Uni Ave, smart one that.

Months prior, there was a Navajo bracelet or bolo that I was eyeing and made note of, but it seems to have found meanwhile a good home off the rez.

I asked Tiffany if by chance she was the same vintage clothing store owner who was listed in Ginger Coyote’s “Punk Globe” website. Ginger is the founder of White Trash Debutantes and runs what seems to be a pretty well-traveled site, (not of the billion dollar bought by a conglomerate to look cool variety, but by that reckoning probably worth tens of millions, if these people actually had a clue, and not just a scheme. Or if they knew a good tumble from a Mabuhay moshpit or pogo).

Tiffany, who was listening to The Doors in store, and had run a Live 105 BFD raffle in store, explained that she was probably too young to have been the scenester mentioned on the punk site. She did say that an “over the top” vintage punker chick had been in recently talking about a big punk reunion, and maybe that was my Ginger.

Without re-reading the extensive list under “Where Are They Now” it still took me about a half dozen tries in the search function to find this:

Nadine- Scene Maker- Lives in Silicon Valley, CA . Single and manages a consignment shop; she also designs really wild jewelry.

So I hope “Nadine” and “Tiffany” do meet up some time and see how to optimize their ability to confuse and transfix people like me.

2) Leah Garchik  today gives an update on Tosca in SF and says there is a Dan O’Neill drawing from the back room, of ” Mickey Mouse pleasuring Minnie” “which had resulted in lawsuits” and will become part of the archive at Bancroft Library. Happy sussing for that! Desperately looking for a Chron trifecta, or just feeling my mocha, I noted something somewhat risque in Keith Knight’s strip about “big ones” and then noted that Russell Yip’s photo of a banker turned baseball gambler appears to have the dude tumbling, not unlike a Titan from Gaea and Uranus, out of Willie Mays’ ass. So in baseball parlance I’ve either hit the cycle or struck out with these three Chron links*.

Full admission: I produced a concert series in the 1990s here in Palo Alto that featured vintage performers like Jello Biafra and Penelope Houston but was not hip enough to have seen them in their heydays. Steve Cohen saw the Dead Kennedy’s and interviewed them for the Gunn Oracle, 1982, which I thought was hip enough (to have edited the piece). In researching the possibility of the City working with the landlord to revert the Varsity Theatre I also heard from Eric Bloom that Harold Ambler was called out for being a “jock” when the DK’s played there in 1981 or so. And they maybe swapped spit.

My Jello Biafra show featured a mini-poster based on this ad, which Jello said was a classic mis-hit:

Somewhere I've got 200 copies of a poster for Jello Biafra based on this image

Somewhere I’ve got 200 copies of a poster for Jello Biafra based on this image

Also, our mail carrier here in the 94301 up until very recently said she was in a band from the scene I think they were called Relay Race or something sporty. Christine or Christina?

3) Terry and I caught the PBS special on Audrey Hepburn which made me want to read the more racy Truman Capote version, she has, of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” which I admit is a bit of a digression from Ms. Gush and her work here. The only Capote I have actually read is the article about “Porgy and Bess” touring the USSR.

Leah Garchik has 2,363 social media followers but it would be even cooler to put some links to the things she mentions in her column, donchathink? Keith Knight, The Knight Life, who did a poster for me and performed back in the day (1990s) if you excuse the ping-back.

edit to add: I will check in later and hopefully update this with a snapshot of Tiffany Gush. She was probably more pleased by coverage in “Toni’s Vintage Trips” blogspot and Stanford journalism student Casey Khademi’s video report:

edit to add, 8 hours later: this does not really belong here, other than it somehow fits a continuum of White Trash Debutantes, Live 105 BFD and The Doors:

(I was reading the Ben Fong-Torres book on Top 40 Radio and came across the cite to this movie of interest…besides Capote, other books nearby but not getting any further with me include Adam Johnson “Parasites”, Adam Johnson “Orphan Master’s Son”, Oakley Hall “Warlock”, “IQ84” by a Japanese author whose name I am spacing, “Where Europe Begins” by another Japanese author whose name I am spacing, Wesley Stace “By George” and “So and So Considered as a Murderer”, Sylvia Brownrigg’s teen-lit book under pseudonym, Amy Tan “Bonesetter’s Daughter”, Juliet Bell “Kepler’s Dream” I think — I am better at procurement than processing — “The Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison — I even have that on audio disc set…James Michener “Hawaii”, a collection of “Hawaiian” literature excerpts in pocket size, “Gentle Order” by Dao Strom; “Parasites Like Us” is from the library, the rest I have invested in…so I guess the gratuitous book title reference above makes slightly more sense? edi ta: though I actually bought and dove face first into Kesey “One Flew…” which I had been riffing about indirectly for a few days or weeks — still mean to stomp around the former Perry Lane; the intro to the Kesey book points out that Randall P. McMurtry, “RPM” is a “hit record” that ‘tries to keep authority from being an authority for too long — even himself” — I’ll flash to that. I’ll tumble for ya—).

edit to (faux) end:

4) in an unrelated move, that got 122 comments to my 5 views, the Chron’s online edition Mommy Files by Amy Graff had something about a mom in Utah who punished her step-daughter by making her wear thrift-store wear. Also, and because my original reference to “the cycle” was a couple links short, I was glad to see my old pals Imperial Teen in Thursday’s Chron — Lynn Perko was in the Wrecks, back in the day, all the punks would know.

edit to add, two nights later: Terry dragged me to see a two-hour commercial for high end fashion which made me circle back to this:

Anyways, not that I wrote this for Tiffany Gush but I hope she is not offended by the company she keeps, at least here in “Plastic Alto”…

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